Deals at Zingerman’s

There’s one undeniable fact about shopping and dining at a Zingerman’s business. It’s expensive, relative to ordinary places. In my book, Satisfaction Guaranteed: How Zingerman’s Built a Corner Deli into a Global Food Community,...

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August 2022 Closings

The Applebee’s on Green Rd. at Plymouth Rd. has closed, reports reader Julia Claire Septrion: “Even the sign in front is gone.”  Since 2017, the “neighborhood grill + bar” chain has downsized from 2,000 locations to 1,700,...

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Have We Hit Peak Cannabis?

On July 8, Michael Belden was getting ready to open Lume Cannabis. Reached via the long driveway between Taco King and Faz’s Pizza, it’s bracketed by GTM Auto Repair and the Detroit Fudge Company, maker of CBD-infused edibles. ...

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