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Tuesday October 20, 2020
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fake ad for Pro Bono Politico

Pro Bono Political

Fake Ad: September 2020

by Jay Forstner

From the October, 2020 issue

We received 158 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Pro Bono Political on page 59 of the September issue.

"I love the sentiment behind the ad for Pro Bono Politico," wrote Kevin Berasley. "Too bad it's a fake ad."

"What a wonderful Fake Ad in the September issue!" wrote Cherry Westerman. "That's the way it should always be--building up rather than tearing down. In politics, yes, but also in so many other aspects of life. The Pro Bono Politico ad, with Corcoran hidden in 'Rancor Co. ran.' Thank you for a positive outlook on life, at least for a moment."

Dan Romanchik agreed, though with a caveat: "if they stick to their strategy of producing only 'positive message ads,' they're not going to be in business long."

Elena Haviland made finding the Fake Ad a family project. "Ha! I think we're getting better at this," she wrote. "My son and I enjoyed searching through this month's issue for the Fake Ad. Along the way I saw the HSHV's Pets and Pajamas event and signed up my kids for a long needed outing."

Monika Barera was drawn as our winner. She's donating her $25 back to the Observer. Thanks Monika!

To enter this month's contest, find the Fake Ad and enter using the address below. The ad always contains the name of the previous month's winner in some form.     (end of article)


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