A long letter posted in the window of the closed Village Pub was signed “Love always, Mo, Lisa, Rafe, Josh, Matt, Pat and Beth.” Lisa is Lisa Rasak, who opened the pub in late 2011. From the beginning, she said she wanted to be the neighborhood tavern for the houses and condos behind it, not a high-visibility spot for travelers cruising Washtenaw.

From the farewell letter, it sounded like that goal, at least, had been achieved: “We loved being a part of the countless birthdays, graduations, retirements, and even the exchange of wedding vows.”

Next door at Falsetta’s Market, owner Wally Mulki saw several restaurants come and go before the Village Pub arrived. He says someone new has bought the business to give it another try.

Carol Kremer, who works part-time at Antelope Antiques, confirmed that What Crepe closed in September. “It was on a Monday. Some restaurant people came and started moving stuff out. We all feel bad. They were nice people.”

Damas in Woodland Plaza has closed. Tom Goldberg, who identifies himself as a “representative of Woodland Plaza,” doesn’t know what happened to the Syrian family (Lamis Barawi, Jawad Seif, and their four children) unexpectedly thrust into the restaurant business when threats from the Assad regime forced them to leave Syria several years ago. “The lease term was up, and they didn’t want to renew. It was amicable.” He confirmed that No Thai! would be moving into the space.

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