2020 October

The ReUse Center Closes

Recycle Ann Arbor’s ReUse Center on South Industrial Hwy. shut its doors on March 17, after Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Covid-19 restrictions. In June, RAA said it was working to reopen the 20,000-square-foot center,...

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A Rain Barrel at Mary Beth Doyle Park?

Q. In Mary Beth Doyle Park there is a rain barrel that is not hooked up to anything—there is no way for water to go into it. And it is attached to a fence. Any idea what it does?A. A memorial tree was planted in this park in...

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Gratzi Takes a Hiatus

Anyone who has dined in downtown Ann Arbor since 1987 has probably eaten at Gratzi. Some older Ann Arborites even remember when the building at 326 S. Main housed the Orpheum Theater.But now Gratzi is indefinitely closed. In...

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Cinnabon is Back

Cinnabon has returned to Briarwood mall after a two-year absence. Its new spot is at the west end of the mall near JCPenney. (734) 327-4360. cinnabon.comIn the mall’s youth-oriented east wing, American Eagle Outfitters...

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A Shift in Care

People who are in the early stages of their recovery from substance abuse disorder are advised to avoid stress and isolation as much as possible, says Dawn Farm communications director Olivia Vigiletti. Yet public safety...

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Bagel Shortage

Just after noon on a Saturday, Sherry Stephens of Ann Arbor tried the door at MD Bagel Fragel at 3500 Washtenaw Ave. It was locked, even though the store’s regular hours are 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.A sign on the door read,...

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The Mediterranean-blue, lime-green trimmed house on Yost St. is eye-catching, but what brings...

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Affordable Care

The coughs, troubled breathing, sweats, and fevers didn’t test as any kind of influenza that...

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Virtual Sessions

Pre-pandemic, a counseling session at the Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan gave many clients a break—from “their kids, a messy house, a messy relationship,” says therapist and executive director Marnie...

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How to Vote

According to the Washington Post, “six in 10 registered voters nationwide say they want to cast their ballots before Election Day.” Ed Golembiewski, Washtenaw County’s chief deputy clerk and director of...

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Magic Bike

When Debby Rossman Retzer left Mott Children’s Hospital where she works as a clinical care coordinator, she discovered that her bicycle had been stolen. She was devastated, because it meant she would not be able to...

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