2020 June

Daffodil Installation?

Q. Remember that local artist’s daffodil installation in the Arb a number of years ago? Who did that, and where have all the daffodils gone?A. Susan Skarsgard called it “Imagine/Align.” In October 2003, she...

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Fear of Calling

Breckenridge, HVA’s spokesperson, emails that “overall, 9-1-1 call volume is down about 35 percent.” The same pattern plays out at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s emergency department. Within weeks of the...

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Caffeinated Computers

“When it was actually called a pandemic by the CDC, we had three [calls] the very next week–two on the same day, one the next day,” says Alex Kaufman, a technician at Computer Alley on Jackson Rd. “One...

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Reaching Out

After forwarding a variety of news stories to a friend in Las Vegas on January 21, as an afterthought I texted, “Watch this Wuhan, China event, they’ve shut down a city of over 50 million people. Imagine if that...

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Budget Impact

Before the pandemic, Tom Crawford, the city’s chief financial officer and acting administrator, predicted a 3.6 percent increase in recurring general fund revenue and 3.8 percent increase in property taxes in the fiscal...

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State St. Wheat

Late last year, before the pandemic rearranged our lives–and many of our eating habits–Zingerman’s Bakehouse introduced a new bread, one with a mission. Called State St. Wheat, the Bakehouse developed it as...

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