2019 October

Mary’s Fabulous Chicken

Mary’s Fabulous Chicken & Fish on Packard is now operating as Wicked Mary’s Chicken. Our questions drew minimal responses from the weary-sounding staffer who answered the phone, but we were able to confirm that...

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EPA Adapting

Union steward Keith Fusinski was worried. A toxicologist and head of the Environmental Protection...

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YP Sichuan

My experience with Asian food is not as extensive as I would like it to be. Throughout our long life together my husband, when asked his preference for dinner, has invariably shaken his head at suggestions of Chinese, Thai, or...

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New Black Pole at Stadium and S. Maple?

Q. What’s the function of the new black pole at the intersection of Stadium and S. Maple, in front of Chase Bank?A. The pole carries equipment that improves cellular network performance. It’s one of many being...

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From Toys to Furniture

Michigan furniture chain Gardner-White opened its eleventh southeast Michigan location in Arborland in August. The 47,000-square-foot Arborland space housed Toys ‘R’ Us before the toy retailer’s widely...

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“Sushi unrolled” at Poke Poke

Poke Poke, on State St. near North University, is the fifth poke-focused restaurant to open in the last year. The student-friendly spot directly off the Diag should help it compete with Wild Poke, two blocks north, and Packard...

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And now, breakfast pizzas

“The pizza category is enormous,” says Pete Howey, founder of the Snap Custom Pizza on E. Liberty. “I think the best way for people to understand what it’s like is using the burger category … you...

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