2017 March


We received thirty-four entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for CommuniCare on page 18 of the Winter Community Observer.”Found it!” wrote Cindy Collins. “You know it’s fake because getting to a room...

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Municipal Broadband in A2?

Q. Is the City of Ann Arbor looking into municipal broadband Internet for its citizens? This seems to be a growing idea worldwide with many benefits to the cities served.A. Municipal broadband systems seek to deliver low- or...

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From Restaurant to Barbershop

Le Shish opened last fall near the Packard/Carpenter intersection where La Fiesta Taqueria used to be, only to close its doors around the end of last year. Folks at House of Liquor a few doors down didn’t know what...

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Ban Insanity

“It was chaos,” says Ann Arbor immigration lawyer Vicky Farah. While the courts have...

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