2017 December

Lights Up

Big-box stores across the state have won huge property tax cuts in recent years using the...

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The Pond on Traverwood?

Q. What is going on with the pond on Traverwood just south of the Oak Cliff apartments? It looks like they were “draining the pond,” but the city posted a stop-work order.A. “In July, the property owner dredged...

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The Todoroffs Are Back

Juicy Kitchen founders Susan and George Todoroff are once again running day-to-day operations after a planned ownership transfer fell through. “We decided to step back in, at least for the time being, because there are...

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Texas Barbecue at Dickey’s

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is now serving traditional Texas barbecue in Washtenaw Commons. Will Kaufman and his wife, Rebecca, opened the franchise location in late October after another franchisee’s agreement with...

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Justin Walter

Discussions about jazz education most often focus on the university programs that have blossomed all over the world in recent decades and have had a formidable impact on the very nature of the music. As important as these are in...

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Shawarma at an East-Side BP

The owner of the new Shawarma Grill at the Golfside and Washtenaw BP station is twenty years old. Reda Alnahi, who goes by Ray, says he has been working at restaurants in Dearborn since he was seventeen and saw a place in the...

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Buddy’s Arrives

For more than seventy years Buddy’s Pizza has been a beloved Detroit tradition–serving the original Detroit-style square pizza at family gatherings, celebrations, and postgame parties. Its gradual expansion finally...

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Millage Wins

Smith, who himself narrowly won reelection in the Fifth Ward (Up Front, p. 9), wasn’t the only observer stunned that the county’s mental health and police services millage was approved by a landslide in November....

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Like many cooks, I was a baker first–cookies, cakes, and eventually breads. Even as baking gave way to cooking, I still baked a lot of bread–not the artisanal types prevalent now, but multigrains, ryes, French...

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