775 S. Main

(734) 593-6000


This 133-bed acute care facility on a 119-acre wooded site offers a wide range of surgical and clinical services from nearly 400 physicians and the “largest and strongest MRI in Michigan.” As a Catholic affiliate, the Chelsea Hospital does not routinely perform vasectomies or female sterilizations, and does not perform abortions. Chelsea Hospital is a joint venture between Trinity Health Michigan and University of Michigan Health.

Major programs and facilities include:

Behavioral health services (734-593-6000), inpatient and outpatient mental health services for adults, children, and families

Cardiopulmonary care & rehabilitation (734-593-6000)

Cancer services (734-712-4673)

Laboratory (734-593-5950)

Orthopedic services (734-593-6000)

Occupational therapy (734-593-5600)

Pain clinic (734-593-5650)

Physical therapy (734-593-5600)

Sleep disorder center (734-593-6170)

Surgery (734-593-5800)