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Events in October 2022

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September 25, 2022(44 events) September 26, 2022(22 events) September 27, 2022(29 events) September 28, 2022(34 events) September 29, 2022(37 events) September 30, 2022(37 events) October 1, 2022(53 events)
October 2, 2022(42 events) October 3, 2022(26 events) October 4, 2022(38 events) October 5, 2022(28 events) October 6, 2022(37 events) October 7, 2022(51 events) October 8, 2022(49 events)
October 9, 2022(64 events) October 10, 2022(24 events) October 11, 2022(40 events) October 12, 2022(33 events) October 13, 2022(42 events) October 14, 2022(41 events) October 15, 2022(49 events)
October 16, 2022(38 events) October 17, 2022(20 events) October 18, 2022(34 events) October 19, 2022(36 events) October 20, 2022(42 events) October 21, 2022(46 events) October 22, 2022(45 events)
October 23, 2022(48 events) October 24, 2022(17 events) October 25, 2022(39 events) October 26, 2022(35 events) October 27, 2022(37 events) October 28, 2022(43 events) October 29, 2022(37 events)
October 30, 2022(38 events) October 31, 2022(17 events) November 1, 2022(36 events) November 2, 2022(47 events) November 3, 2022(42 events) November 4, 2022(51 events) November 5, 2022(54 events)

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October 29, 2022

“Pickleball”: Purple Rose Theatre Company.
“Science Forum Demos”: U-M Museum of Natural History.
Great Lakes Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society Lecture.
Magic: The Gathering Game Play: Sylvan Factory.
Museum Highlight Tours: U-M Museum of Natural History.
U-M Museum of Natural History Planetarium & Dome Theater.
Ann Arbor Group Runs: Fleet Feet.
“Saturday Morning Ride to Dexter/Chelsea”: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society.
parkrun USA.
“Toddler Outdoor Play: Pumpkins”: Hudson Mills Metropark Interpretive Nature Programs.
Fall Festival: Domino’s Petting Farm.
“From Nobel Prize Research to the Breakthrough Technologies Transforming our Lives”: U-M Physics Department Saturday Morning Physics.
Chime Concert: Kerrytown Market & Shops.
Blast Corn Maze: Nixon Farms.
Country Fair: Wiard’s Orchards.
“Pokémon Hangout”: Sylvan Factory.
“Creature Encounters”: The Creature Conservancy.
"Creature from the Black Lagoon & Phantom of the Opera": Fathom Events.
“Saturday Sampler”: U-M Kelsey Museum of Archaeology.
“Spooky Origami”.
“Thrills at the Mills”: Hudson Mills Metropark.
Trunk or Treat : Calvary Presbyterian Church.
“Family Spooky Species”: The Creature Conservancy.
“Animal Haunts”: Leslie Science & Nature Center.
Occidental Gypsy
“Haunted Mitten Podcast Presents: Haunted Ann Arbor”: Ann Arbor District Library.
Murder Mystery Dinner Show: The Dinner Detective Ann Arbor.
“Adult Spooky Species”: The Creature Conservancy.
“Murder on the Orient Express”: Concordia University Theatre Department.
“Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”: Horizon Performing Arts.
The Haunted Drive Thru
Wilson Thicket
“Cats and Kids”: Humane Society of Huron Valley.
“Night Terrors”: Wiard’s Orchards.
U-M Football vs. Michigan State.
“The Mummy Queen”: Penny Seats Theatre Company.
Arthur Greene: U-M Music School Faculty Recital.