Saturday July 20, 2019
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What's happening in local stores and eateries, and restaurant reviews.

Alpha Koney Closes
Oak Valley makes room for Old Navy.

Mikette Revisted
In transition

Getting the Point
Vertex lands a sunny compus spot.

Arts and Entertainment reviews and news.

Oshima Brothers
Sibling symbiosis

Natalie Ruth Joynton
The only Jew in Mason County

Ancient Color at the Kelsey
The vibrant past

Local profiles, stories from readers, and more.

A Murder of Crows
The birdbath as meat locker

Ashish Joshi
An attorney fights "parental alienation."

The Rising Toll
What's causing more young people to end their lives? What can be done to save them?

Government, business, environment, the U-M, and more.

Cosmic Trip
U-M physics professor David Gerdes took a detour to the Kuiper Belt.

School News
A more united board gets ready for a big ask.

Deaths in the Crosswalks
Despite a decade of efforts, the number of pedestrians injured and killed locally is climbing.

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