The city’s solid waste services ( coordinates residential trash, compost, and commercial trash and recycling collection. Trash, recycling, and compost carts must be in place before 7 a.m. on normal weekly collection days and removed by noon on the following day. Carts should be placed in the street, or on extension if a bike lane or busy street is present, and not exceed weight limits. Persons with a physical handicap can arrange to have trash and recyclables collected from a side door at no charge (call (734) 794-7336 to schedule a preliminary interview). Report missed pickups at (734) 794-6320, online at, or via the A2 Fix It mobile app.

Residential recycling collection is provided by Recycle Ann Arbor, (734) 662-6288, For a comprehensive list of allowable items and other information, such as where to obtain a new recycle bin, see

Call (734) 794-6320 for information on trash and recycling services for apartments and businesses. All businesses are required to recycle. New businesses, call (734) 662-6288 ext. 113 to set up free collection service; established businesses, call (734) 994-2807. Commercial trash dumpster pickups are provided under a for-fee franchise agreement with Waste Management and coordinated through the city’s Customer Service desk, (734) 994-7336.

To dispose of large items, visit or call a private hauler or the Drop-Off Station operated by Recycle Ann Arbor, 2950 E. Ellsworth, (734) 971-7400, open Tues. & Thurs. 8:30 a.m.–6:30 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m.–6 p.m. Entry fee for a small car: $3/day. There is no additional charge to dispose of household recyclables. For an additional fee, the Drop-Off Station also accepts large items and other materials that require specialized disposal, such as appliances, electronic devices, and automotive fluids.