12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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U-M Center for Southeast Asian Studies Lecture Series.:

Oct. 4 & 21. Talks by national and global scholars. Oct. 4: University of Southern California American studies and ethnicity professor Adrian De Leon discusses the relationship between indigenous Filipinos and colonialists in “The Conditional Commonwealth: Becoming Filipino in the Shadow of Counterinsurgency.” Oct. 21: Australian National University Asian history and culture professor Jane Ferguson explores how Western media glosses over South East Asian ethnic identity in “Four of the Thirteen Lives Are Stateless: The Cave Rescue, Hollywood Heroism, and Ethnonational Traps at the Thai-Burma Border.”  Noon–1 p.m., 110 Weiser Hall, 500 Church. For livestream preregister at events.umich.edu/group/1044. Free. cseas@umich.edu, 615–4059.

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