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“The Legacy of George Crumb”: U-M Music School.:

Jan. 25 & 27 (different locations). U-M music student ensembles perform 2 concerts of music honoring the late Pulitzer Prizewinning avant-garde composer, a U-M grad. Tonight: Ken Kiesler conducts the University Philharmonia Orchestra and Jayce Ogren directs the Contemporary Directions Ensemble in Crumb’s orchestral suite Echoes of Time and the River and Vox Balaenae, a chamber piece for cello, flute, and piano that evokes the songs of humpback whales. Also, contemporary Japanese composer Dai Fujikura’s 2015 orchestral piece Mina, Charles Ives’ brief 1908 piece “The Unanswered Question,” and contemporary American composer, and Crumb student Jennifer Higdon’s swelling and mournful blue cathedral. 8 p.m., Hill Auditorium. Free. 7640583.

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