9:00 am - 12:00 pm
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The Joy-Filled Richness of Real Connection - an FWW Virtual Retreat: Foundations of Wellness for Women

Do you know remarkably resilient people who seem to be able to remain positive, even in the face of adversity? Ever wonder how they do that?
Do you wish you knew how to create a deeper connection with friends and family? Are you ready to skip the superficial?
Are you finding it difficult to maintain a joyful, positive outlook these days? Are you feeling pulled down by negativity instead of buoyed up by positivity?
If this sounds like you, join us for our virtual retreat on October 1st from 9 am to noon ET for a fun and heartfelt presentation from guest facilitator, Certified Joy Coach Robin Shear. We will learn together how to cultivate and grow joy in our lives, and how to spread joy to those we love and those we meet.
● Learn the basics of how to choose joy when it doesn’t come naturally.
● Discover surprising ways to connect with others on a deeper human level and find joy in the process.
● Explore the joy that’s felt in really being seen, and have courage to ask tough questions that allow people to open up.
For more information and to register: https://bit.ly/FWWJoy

N/A, N/A. https://bit.ly/FWWJoy. $108. DrTewari@a2hg.net. https://foundations-of-wellness-for-women.mailchimpsites.com/. 734-418-2188.