8:00 pm
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“The Austria-Naples Connection”: L’Invenzione (Academy of Early Music).:

This quintet of Michigan musicians draws from the rich Baroque and preclassical music of Naples, performing on period instruments. Tonight, they explore a musical dialogue between north and south with works collected by Aloys Thomas Raimund von Harrach, an Austrian viceroy of Naples from 1728 to 1733 who compiled pieces by Neapolitan composers and their counterparts beyond the Alps. The program includes works by Domenico Natale Sarri, Nicola Antonio Giancinto Porpora, Francesco Mancini, Johann Christoph Shultze, and Johann Friedrich Fasch. With recorder player Eloy Cortinez, Baroque violinists Mary Riccardi and Phoebe Gelzer-Govatos, violist Boel Gidholm, Baroque cellist Debra Lonergan, and harpsichordist Julia Brown. Preceded at 7:15 p.m. by a lecture by the performers. 8 p.m., Zion Lutheran Church, 1501 W. Liberty. Tickets on sale starting Dec. 28, price TBA at AcademyOfEarlyMusic.org and at the door. 228–4338.

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