June 17, 2022 7:00 am - 8:00 am
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'Celebrating the Last Frost,' an exhibition by Avery Williamson

Creal Microgallery presents 'Celebrating the Last Frost,' an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Ypsilanti artist Avery Williamson. This collection of small works celebrates the last frost, an indicator of safe passage to the next season. These pieces explore the colors and textures of May and June-- a season of shedding, blooming, and emerging.

Williamson has worked in a wide range of media, including weavings, photography, collage, painting and drawing, but remaining constant in much of her work is her use of atmospheric color and lively mark-making. With these defining visual elements, her work feels both meditative and improvisational. Her use of color sets a stage or mood, and provides a context for the story to be told through her marks. The marks and lines then skip across the surface, or grow outward from a starting point. Her marks play around the edges of the canvas or are laid down across fields of color. Her images can feel like parts of a whole— just glimpses of a larger story or vignettes of a fuller world. In the works on view, she considers this moment in time, this transition from cold to warm, from dormancy to growth. This moment that Williamson captures is somehow both singular and infinite, and this transition between seasons upon which she reflects is at once unique and eternal.