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Send Hunger Packing: The three Rotary Clubs in Ann Arbor

This area-wide, hands-on service project is being hosted by the three Rotary Clubs in Ann Arbor. It will use an assembly-line process to produce packages of “one-pot” meals that will be distributed both locally and internationally with some stored for emergencies.

Our goals are to pack 30,000 meals in fewer than two hours using 150 volunteers supported by $10, 500 in donations.

The event will be held in the cafeteria at Ann Arbor Pioneer High on the morning of Saturday, November 5. The U-M football team will be playing at Rutgers later that day.

The packing is done by multiple lines with volunteers stationed at long tables. Empty bags start at one end and are passed along where they are filled with the rice, soy, dried vegetables, spices, vitamins, and flavoring. The packets are then weighed, sealed, and boxed for distribution.

Participants in this project can be as young as elementary school age so it can be an event for the entire family. Organizations may wish to participate with representatives wearing their "team colors."

601 E. Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor. www.a2rotary.org/sendhungerpacking. 0. sendhungerpacking@a2rotary.org. www.a2rotary.org/sendhungerpacking. 734-662-1734.