March 24, 2022 All Day
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"Muriel Rukeyser's Houdini--Four Staged Readings": Muriel Rukeyser Living Archive

Houdini brings to life the story of legendary escape artist Harry Houdini as imagined by poet Muriel Rukeyser. First performed in 1973, with Christopher Walken in the title role, the play captures Houdini’s transformation from Hungarian-born Eric Weisz, son of a rabbi, to the most celebrated escape artist of all times. But can Houdini really break any lock? Not only handcuffs, straightjackets, and prisons, but also less visible ones like gender inequality, racial bigotry, religious persecution, and the power of ‘bad’ magic?  Under the direction of EMU theatre professor Lee Stille, performers will conjure up Rukeyser's magical telling of Houdini's story in each of two staged readings. Free and open to the public.  2 p.m. (Mar. 20), EMU Sponberg Theatre, Ford St., Ypsilanti, & 7 p.m. (Mar. 24), Riverside Arts Center, 76 N. Huron, Ypsilanti. Free. 635-6220.

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