8:00 pm - 10:30 pm
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Galactic Trees Tour: Rachael Yamagata with Sandy Bell opening: The Ark

Rachael Yamagata is leaving a three year hibernation in the Catskills and will begin her ‘Galactic Trees Tour’ this November. She is particularly inspired to create a performance of healing and connectedness and offer a transmutation of pain during turbulent times. Intent on premiering new songs flavored with the beauty of heartache and the magic of resilience, she is game to offer her unique form of tonic, laughter and storytelling to those in need.

Opening for Rachael is songwriter/musician Sandy Bell. Bell has moved through a vibrant and textured musical constellation, playing most notably with the late but eternally brilliant Jeff Buckley as well as singing on the Bat for Lashes album “The Bride.” Bell’s debut solo album, “When I Leave Ohio,” was hailed by Stereo Embers Magazine as “…beautiful, resonant work that’s stark and painful—Bell’s songs have crushing, emotional exactitude that is nothing short of staggering.”

316 S Main St, Ann Arbor. https://mutotix.umich.edu/3469/3470?queueittoken=e_mutowaiting~q_076eced1-c676-44e5-a4a9-db2962b62d51~ts_1666889338~ce_true~rt_safetynet~h_ea29fca5b93494dc75880aa5e38e424abe797e631f83a4c1192b424f6d6bd6de. $25-$32. sandybellmusic@gmail.com. https://theark.org/. .