12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Decluttering: Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life: Foundations of Wellness for Women

Do you feel like you have an out-of-control Clutter Monster at your home? Have you reached the tipping point?

Does cleaning up stress you out, because there's just so much stuff?

Is your living space a chaotic environment that makes you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you wish that you knew how to get started on clearing up and cleaning out, to transform your space into a peaceful, healing haven?

Join us for a conversation with Charlotte Kaye, a decluttering expert, for practical tips and strategies about how to get started (and how to keep going!) Bring your questions for our expert!

, . https://bit.ly/FWWDecluttering. $18. DrTewari@a2hg.net. https://foundations-of-wellness-for-women.mailchimpsites.com/. 734-418-2188.