April 2, 2023 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Cocktail Class: Amaro Amore: Tammy's Tastings

The name amaro – plural, amari – refers to a style of Italian bittersweet herbal liqueur. These complex liqueurs can be a bartender’s best friend. They add complexity, fascinating flavors, and structure – even when used in small amounts. In this class you’ll taste several different amari on their own and in cocktails that take advantage of their complex and assertive character.

Your booking includes light snacks (pretzels, nuts). The Last Word is closed during the class, so no food service is available. The class includes a combination of history and stories, technique instruction, and hands-on making of cocktails. Plus sampling, of course! Total consumption is equivalent to around 2 cocktails per person over the 2 hour class.

301 W Huron St ,Ann Arbor. https://www.tammystastings.com/events/amaro-amore-7/. $59. tammylc@tammystastings.com. https://www.tammystastings.com/ 7342763215.