10:30 am - 11:45 am
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CNC Plasma Sign Make & Take: Maker Works Community Workshops

Saturday, August 27th 2022

Come watch sparks fly as we harness plasma, the fourth state of matter, to make a metal sign in our Make & Take workshop!

Think of a word or two (about 5 to 6 letters per word) that you’d like to see cut out of steel. We’ll take your idea and convert it into a format that our plasma cutter understands. After that you’ll move to the Metal Shop where we’ll have you load your file, put your shade-5 glasses on, and command the computer controlled plasma machine to cut out your sign.

This workshop is open to all ages, but keep in mind when the plasma is running things will be loud and bright. We’ll provide safety glasses (required) and hearing protection (optional). You will need to wear closed toe shoes and non-synthetic clothing.

Each spot purchased includes one sign, and we’ll have two seats available if you’d like to share the experience with a partner.

On top of being a fantastic Make & Take, this workshop directly supports your local makerspace!

3765 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. https://www.maker-works.com/class-metal-plasma-cut-signs-make-take. $75/kit, up to two people per kit. frontdesk@maker-works.com. maker-works.com. 734.222.4911.