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Book Party: David Meltzer’s “Rock Tao” || Live! with Editor, Patrick Dunagan: Third Mind Books

Legendary American guitarist of Sonic Youth fame, Thurston Moore, wrote of David Meltzer’s recently-unearthed (and postumously published) minor classic, “Rock Tao,” “ David Meltzer's ROCK TAO may very well be the best book I've ever read on rock-n-roll music, and it was written in 1965 when David was 28 years young. Super deep and swingin poetics."
Here at Third Mind Books, we’re lucky to be hosting the editor of this “new” and important addition to the Beat literary canon, Patrick Dunagan.
Dunagan will read from Meltzer’s “Rock Tao,” and establish a key biographical (as well as historical) framework by which we might better contextualize and appreciate Meltzer's contributions to "The New American Poetry" (writ large), and the Psychedelic counterculture of the 1960s.
Dunagan will also regale us with an appetizing assortment of his own inspired verse, perhaps weaving in stories of studying with Tom Clark and Meltzer, himself at The New College of California (perhaps America's last great experiment in education).
A great evening is in the making. We hope to see you there!

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