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Body Awareness as a Tool for Tuning In: Foundations of Wellness for Women

Shhh. Listen. Can you hear her?
Is your body whispering to you—or screaming at you?
How's your quality of life?
Do you suffer from chronic pain?
Have you been diagnosed with a chronic disease or disorder?
CIM to the rescue!
What is CIM?
In recent years, as part of complementary and integrative medicine (CIM), mind and body approaches, such as Qigong, have gained attention for their potential benefits in daily life.
How do mind and body approaches work?
Mind and body approaches help people to become more aware of signals their body is giving them to support them in getting—and staying—healthy.
The sooner those signals are picked up (when the body is whispering) the sooner a person can react to it and stay healthy.
When those signals have not been listened to, the body will send stronger and stronger signals and (chronic) "dis-ease" can be one of them.
Want to know more?
Join Foundations of Wellness for Women on Friday, August 5 for a conversation with Dr. Ann Van de Winckel, who will briefly explain body awareness and take us through some exercises that we can turn into tools to immediately apply in daily life. $18. More info and registration: https://bit.ly/FWWAug5

N/A, N/A. https://bit.ly/FWWAug5 . $18.00. DrTewari@a2hg.net. https://foundations-of-wellness-for-women.mailchimpsites.com/. 734-418-2188.