April 1, 2023 8:00 pm
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“A Night at the Esterhazy Palace”: Valencia Baryton Project (Academy of Early Music)

The Valencia Baryton Project (VBP)—barytonist Matthew Baker, violist Brett Walfish, and cellist Amy Domingues—presents an evening of Haydn baryton trios. Similar to a bass viol, the baryton is a Baroque instrument with 6 bowed strings and 10 resonating or plucked strings, and Baker is one of only a handful of baryton players in the world. The traditional baryton trio also includes viola and violoncello. Haydn wrote 123 of these works while he was court composer for avid baryton player Prince Esterhazy of Austria, from 1762 to 1775. The VBP’s 2021 album, Treasures of the Esterháza Palace, presents a “gentle yet fascinating repertoire ... spiritedly performed” according to Classical Music Daily. Preceded by a preconcert lecture by the artists at 7:15. 8 p.m., Zion Lutheran Church, 1501 W. Liberty St. Tickets $30 (seniors, $25; students, $10) in advance by Mar. 25 at AcademyOfEarlyMusic.org; $35 (seniors, $30; students, $15) at the door. 228–4338.