10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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3018 CNC Router Make and Take Class: Maker Works Community Workshops

Saturday, August 20th

In this class, you—or your group—will construct a desktop CNC router that you will take home, and you’ll learn the basics of CNC operation. We will be building the Sainsmart/Genmitsu 3018 Pro CNC Router from a kit, augmented by Maker Works' detailed instructions and using our tools like torque screwdrivers. The 3018 is a lightweight CNC router (for cutting wood or plastic) that's ideal for learning the same basic CNC operations you can use on full-size CNC machines. The kit we’re building comes with an Offline Controller, SD Card, USB drive with files, and 10 carbide V-bits.

We’ll build and use the router in three stages, and take a break for lunch around 12:30. Bring your own lunch (pop is on us) or get it from Zingerman’s Bakehouse (sandwiches/soup), Taco Bell, Costco, etc. This is not a speed build!

The price for this class is per kit. Bring your family or a friend. (Please let us know if your group is larger than 4. This experience may be better with 1-3 builders.) This is a detailed build; children under 14 will likely need assistance from an adult.

3765 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. https://www.maker-works.com/class-electronics-3018-cnc-router-make-take. $495/kit, up to four people per kit. frontdesk@maker-works.com. maker-works.com. 734.222.4911.