If your vehicle vanishes from public property, call Washtenaw Metro Dispatch (734-994-2911) to find out if it was towed. Redeem your vehicle as soon as possible. Approved towing companies are open 24/7, and storage fees accumulate on a daily basis, regardless of the reason your vehicle was towed.

If your vehicle has been towed from private property, the city has no involvement. Call the tow company directly. The Washtenaw County Metro Dispatch, (734) 994-2911, can also inform you where your vehicle is impounded.

If your vehicle has been impounded for unpaid parking tickets, you must pay those fines as well as the towing company’s charges before your vehicle is released. Bring your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and payment to the police front desk (on the 2nd floor of the Ann Arbor Justice Center, 301 E. Huron). Pay for the parking tickets at the Police Front Desk, at City Hall in the customer service center on the 1st floor, or online at annarbormi.rmcpay.com. Then, police staff will give you directions to the towing company.

To contest the city’s towing of your vehicle, or the reasonableness of the towing and impound fees, you must file a form petition with the court requesting a hearing. Contact the 15th District Court for the petition form: (734) 794-6752. The court is on the 4th floor of the Ann Arbor Justice Center, 301 E. Huron. There will be a $75 filing fee.