The paired Mitchell Elementary and Scarlett Middle schools adjoin the 427 affordable townhouses of the Colonial Square Cooperative and nearby modestly priced ranches and colonials on Platt. The schools’ extensive playfields and the neighboring Scarlett-Mitchell Nature Area, with its branching trails and pond, are a magnet for residents of the southeast side neighborhood.

This area includes the neighborhoods straddling Platt south of Packard and winds its way as far southeast as the intersection of Carpenter and Merritt.

Young families find the neighborhood near the school appealing: the prices are modest for Ann Arbor, and schools and a variety of ethnic markets are nearby. In addition to Colonial Square, there are 3-bedroom ranches and a few 2-story colonials on modest lots on both sides of Platt. The 210-home Turnberry subdivision on Packard just west of US–23 is slightly more expensive and caters to an older crowd. Farther south in Pittsfield Township is the Willow Pond subdivision, set amid older individual homes on large lots, and Arbor Meadows, a 408-lot manufactured-housing community. These communities have Ypsilanti mailing addresses, are administratively part of Pittsfield Township, and are part of the Ann Arbor School District.

All Mitchell children go on to Scarlett Middle School and Huron High.

Bike lanes: Platt has a marked bike lane between Packard and Ellsworth and an off-street path south of Ellsworth. Packard and Ellsworth have marked bike lanes.

Walking: Mitchell School has a walk score of 28. Sections of the neighborhood are close to Packard shopping and the Carpenter Rd. Kroger.