Clerk/register of deeds Lawrence Kestenbaum (D), Washtenaw County Bldg., 200 N. Main. (734) 222-6730, 4-year term expires 2024.

Water resources commissioner Evan N. Pratt (D), 705 N. Zeeb. (734) 222-6860, 4-year term expires 2024.

Prosecuting attorney Eli Savit (D), 200 N. Main. (734) 222-6620, 4-year term expires 2024.

Sheriff Jerry Clayton (D), 2201 Hogback. (734) 973-4613. 4-year term expires 2024.

Treasurer Catherine McClary (D), 200 N. Main. (734) 222-6600, 4-year term expires 2024.

Board of Commissioners

County commissioners serve 2-year terms, with all seats up for election in November 2022. The current board chair is Sue Shink (734-222-6850). To determine which commissioner represents you, view the county’s district map at, or call the city clerk’s office at (734) 222-6700 (or your township hall).

District 1 (Dexter, Lima, Lyndon, Scio, and Sylvan townships, Dexter Village, and the City of Chelsea): Jason Maciejewski (D). (734) 210-9880.

District 2 (Northfield, Salem, Superior, and Webster townships, most of Ann Arbor township, and Barton Hills Village): Sue Shink (D). (734) 222-6850.

District 3 (Bridgewater, Freedom, Lodi, Manchester, Saline, Sharon, and York townships, the cities of Saline and Milan, and the village of Manchester): Shannon Beeman (D). (734) 222-6850.

District 4 (Pittsfield Township): Caroline Sanders (D). (734) 222-6850.

District 5 (August and Ypsilanti townships): Justin Hodge (D). (734) 222-6850.

District 6 (Ypsilanti): Ricky Jefferson (D). (734) 369-0976.

District 7 (east Ann Arbor and part of Ann Arbor Township): Andy LaBarre (D). (734) 945-1298.

District 8 (central and part of south Ann Arbor): Jason Morgan (D). (734) 478-5978.

District 9 (west, southwest, and part of north Ann Arbor): Katie Scott (D). (734) 222-6850.