Bryant and Pattengill are paired elementary schools in two south side neighborhoods. The area around Bryant, serving kindergarten through grade 2, offers some of the city’s least expensive housing with small ranch homes and multifamily complexes; homes are bigger and more expensive near Pattengill, where kids in both districts go for grades 3-5.

The neighborhoods off Packard include streets of modest and some larger homes, plus apartment and condo complexes. The new George apartments on Packard combine 249 units with (yet to be occupied) retail space. The area surrounding Pattengill, once prime farmland, was built up after World War II. Kimberly Hills, south of Independence, has newer and bigger homes, some on dirt roads left over from a previous township “island.” Southwest of Packard, moderately priced houses built in the 1940s and 1950s are mixed with apartments.

The subdivisions near and south of Eisenhower are slightly more affluent. Tri-levels, ranches, colonials, and Cape Cods sit along winding streets. Georgetown, west of Stone School Rd., has a semi-private golf course, private pool, and tennis courts.

South of the interchange of Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. and I-94, in Pittsfield Township, newer single-family housing predominates in a maze of twisting streets behind the Oak Valley and Waters Place shopping centers. Subs here include Briar Hill, Lake Forest, Lake Forest Highlands, and the Pines at Lake Forest. The new Estates at Bella Vista and Villas at Bella Vista south of Meijer on Ann Arbor-Saline have broken ground and are selling, and more upscale homes are on the way along this stretch.

South of Ellsworth are the winding roads of the huge Stonebridge golf course subdivision and nearby smaller subs, with stately executive homes and detached condominiums in a large area that’s divided between the Ann Arbor and Saline school districts.

Multifamily housing is also abundant. Small apartment buildings line Packard and E. Stadium. Midsize complexes along Packard include Mulberry Row (120 units), Pine Valley (164 units), Homestead Commons (112 units), and the upscale 134-unit Ponds at Georgetown. Spruce Knob, just to the south off Stone School, adds 168 units. Woodbury Gardens, off Stadium at South Industrial, is one of the city’s biggest rental complexes, with 538 units; Arbor Village, behind St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, has 237. Five complexes in the Briarwood mall area—the renamed The Emerson (formerly Signature Club) and Briar Cove south of Eisenhower, Harbor House, Hidden Valley Club, and Lake Village to the north—add another 1,100 units.

Condos and co-ps include the 306 affordable townhouses of Forest Hills Cooperative on Ellsworth, the 76-unit Cloverly Village at Ellsworth and Stone School, the 116-unit Georgetown Commons, and a trio of complexes of Ann Arbor-Saline south of I-94: Heatherwood with 188 2- and 3-bedroom ranches; and Oak Meadows and Weatherstone, each with more than 300 mid-priced units.

All the kids in Bryant-Pattengill go on to Tappan and Pioneer.

Bike lanes: Packard, Stone School, and State have new bike lanes; cyclists use sidewalks on Eisenhower.

Walking: Bryant and Pattengill Schools each have a walk score of 27 ( Homes in the southwestern part of the district are close to shopping on Ann Arbor-Saline and Eisenhower, but for the most part this area features residential subdivisions far from retail.