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Ann Arbor Public Schools 2018-2019 Calendar

Sept. 4: First day for students (full day)

Sept. 26: Early release

Oct. 3: Student count day

Oct. 24: Early release

Nov. 6: No school (election day)

Nov. 21-23: No school (Thanksgiving break)

Dec. 24-Jan. 4: No school (winter break)

Jan. 7: School resumes

Jan. 21: No school (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

Jan. 30: Early release

Feb. 13: Student count day

Feb. 15-18: No school (mid-winter break)

Feb. 27: Early release

Mar. 25-29: No school (spring break)

Apr. 1: School resumes

May 1: Early release for middle and high school students

May 7: No school (election day)

May 22: Early release

May 27: No school (Memorial Day)

June 14: End of second semester. Half day.

June 17 (if required): Make-up days begin if emergency closings during the school year reduced attendance time below state requirement (districts are allowed 36 hours for emergencies, including weather-related closings).

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