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At designated crosswalks, drivers must stop for pedestrians stopped at the curb, at the curb ramp, or within a crosswalk. Pedestrians crossing a roadway at any point other than a designated crosswalk shall yield right-of-way to all vehicles.

Domestic Violence

Ann Arbor's domestic violence law requires police to arrest a person "when the officer has reasonable cause to believe that person has, within the previous 24 hours, assaulted a spouse, former spouse, or other person residing or having resided in the same household, if the victim has visible signs of injury from the assault or if the assailant used or threatened to use a dangerous weapon." An arrest can be made even without the victim wanting to prosecute.

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Landlords & Tenants

By law, landlords must give their tenants the city-produced booklet Rights and Duties of Tenants or face fines of up to $500. The booklet is available at the city clerk's office. One booklet per rental unit is available free of charge to landlords and tenants.

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The owner of every parcel of land is responsible for "grading, planting, mowing and raking the lawn extension in the city right-of-way so that it is covered at least with grass with a height not in excess of 12 inches or with other cultivated herbaceous plants with a foliage height not in excess of 36 inches above the adjacent sidewalk or ground surface"-unless the vegetation presents a view hazard based on the criteria of AASHTO, (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials). On private property, "outside of a cultivated bed or planned natural landscape, no vegetation shall be permitted at a height greater than 12 inches."


Except in those areas where consumption of alcoholic liquor is permitted, no person shall possess alcoholic liquor in an open, uncapped, or unsealed container on a public street.


Ann Arbor was the talk of the nation in 1974, after voters enshrined a $5 fine for marijuana possession in the city charter. The fine was raised to $25 in 1990 and rendered obsolete in 2018, when Michigan voters legalized recreational use statewide. A city ordinance limits the number of "provisioning centers" to twenty-eight. Residents can grow and use marijuana in private, but cannot sell it. Landlords may still prohibit its use on their premises, and universities may still maintain drug-free dormitories.

Non-motorized Transportation

No roller skates, sleds, coasting wagons, toy vehicles, or similar devices are allowed on streets, except on a crosswalk. No person riding on such a device is allowed to attach the device or their self to any vehicle on the street or highway. Bikes on the roads between a half-hour after sunset and an hour before sunrise must use headlights and have rear reflectors, and "every bicycle shall be equipped with at least one effective brake."

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