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Virtual School in Ann Arbor. Gouache painting by Jaye Schlesinger.
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Thursday October 29, 2020
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For text descriptions of the four elementary school districts in the northeast area of Ann Arbor, click on the corresponding neighborhood in the map below.

Northeast Ann Arbor neighborhoods
HREF="t1308.html" ALT="Logan"> HREF="t1310.html" ALT="Thurston"> HREF="t1302.html" ALT="Angell"> HREF="t1309.html" ALT="Northside"> HREF="t1310.html" ALT="Thurston"> HREF="t1309.html" ALT="Northside"> HREF="t1309.html" ALT="Northside"> HREF="t1307.html" ALT="King"> HREF="t1322.html" ALT="northwest"> HREF="t1301.html" ALT="central"> HREF="t1311.html" ALT="southeast"> HREF="t1317.html" ALT="southwest">
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