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Public Schools - Elementary Schools

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Ann Arbor Public Schools - Elementary Schools

Grades K-5 unless indicated. Enrollment figures from the 2019-2020 school year. For school boundaries, see the AAPS map. For the Ann Arbor Public Schools Westerman Preschool and Family Center, see listing in the Child Care and Preschool Programs section.

Most schools host before- and after-school care through Rec & Ed's School Age Child Care program (734-994-2300, Childcare is offered for Burns Park and Lawton Elementary through Community Day Care (734-761-7101) and for King Elementary through KingCare (734-994-4485).

Principal assignments are current as of June 2020. Alternative or open programs operate at Ann Arbor Open School, A2STEAM @ Northside, Community High School, and the Pathways to Success Academic Campus. Contact the schools for information on eligibility and admissions.


2670 Sequoia [map]
(734) 994-1901

301 students. Pam Sica, principal. 1, B4


2560 Towner [map]
(734) 997-1210

414 students. 2, F7.


1608 S. University [map]
(734) 994-1907

351 students. Gary Court, principal. 3, E5

Ann Arbor Open School

920 Miller [map]
(734) 994-1910

358 students in grades K-8. Karen Siegel, principal. Chris Curtis, assistant principal. Admission by application and lottery. Contact school for application. aaopen. 4, C4


600 W. Jefferson [map]
(734) 994-1949

379 students. Collette Ivey, principal. 5, D5


2150 Santa Rosa [map]
(734) 997-1212

295 students in grades K-2 (students attend Pattengill for grades 3-5). Jamar Humphrey, principal. 6, F8

Burns Park

1414 Wells [map]
(734) 994-1919

535 students. Chuck Hatt, principal Laura Wolf, assistant principal. 7, E6


4250 Central [map]
(734) 997-1214

435 students. Michael Johnson, principal, Alison Epler, assistant principal. 8, H7


2135 Runnymede [map]
(734) 994-1928

317 students. Michael Madison, principal. 9, C6


800 Soule [map]
(734) 994-1934

383 students. Bill Harris, principal. 10, C5


825 Duncan [map]
(734) 994-1937

342 students. Dante Watson, principal. 11, C4


3800 Waldenwood [map]
(734) 994-1940

523 students. Mary Cooper, principal, Heather Halibu, assistant principal. 12, G4


344 Gralake [map]
(734) 994-1953

302 students. Edward Latour, principal. 13, B5


2250 S. Seventh [map]
(734) 994-1946

524 students. Guest principal Dottie Davis, Taneia Giles, assistant principal. 14, C6


2685 Traver [map]
(734) 994-1807

335 students. William Wright, principal. 15, F2


3550 Pittsview [map]
(734) 997-1216

425 students. Matt Hilton, principal, Alison Epler, assistant principal. 16, G8


2100 Crestland [map]
(734) 994-1961

276 students in grades 3-5 (K-2 students attend Bryant). Robin Kocher, principal. 17, F6


2543 Pittsfield [map]
(734) 997-1218

275 students. Carol Shakarian, principal. 18, G7

A2STEAM at Northside K-8

912 Barton [map]
(734) 994-1958

631 students. Megan Fenech, principal. Brooke Stidham, assistant principal. 19, E3


2300 Prairie [map]
(734) 994-1970

511 students. Natasha York, principal, Rose Marie Callahan, assistant principal. 20, G3


1701 Newport [map]
(734) 994-1973

454 students. David DeYoung, principal. 21, C3

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