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Washtenaw County Government

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Washtenaw County, one of the first counties in Michigan, was established in 1822 and fully organized by 1827. An agent of the state government, it carries out the responsibilities of the state, but it also has independent executive and, in a few cases, legislative powers.

The county's general information line is (734) 222-4357. Email via form on website:

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220 N. Main [map]
(734) 222-3401

Appointed by the board of commissioners, county administrator Gregory Dill is responsible for the overall management of county departments, agencies, and offices.

Board of Commissioners

220 N. Main [map]
(734) 222-6850

The chief policy-making body of county government, the board has 9 members, elected to 2-year terms. As of June 2021, commissioners are Jason Maciejewski (District 1;, Sue Shink (District 2;, Shannon Beeman (District 3;, Caroline Sanders (District 4;, Justin Hodge (District 5;, Ricky Jefferson (District 6;, Andy LaBarre (District 7;, Jason Morgan (District 8;, and Katie Scott (District 9;

For a map of commission districts, visit Commissioners' duties include adopting countywide ordinances, overseeing county operations and facilities, adopting the annual budget, (including all county departments), and making appointments to boards, committees, and commissions.

The board of commissioners meets 1st & 3rd Wed. 6:45 p.m., preceded by a Ways and Means committee meeting at 6:30 p.m. Working sessions 1st & 3rd Thurs. 6:30 p.m. All meetings at 220 N. Main; call (734) 222-6850 to confirm times. Meetings are broadcast live online at

Building Inspection

705 N. Zeeb [map]
(734) 222-3900

Building Inspection provides enforcement of the State Construction Code to ensure the minimum safety standards of building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems in the city of Dexter and townships of Augusta, Lodi, Saline, Scio, Sharon, and Webster. Automated scheduling: (734) 222-3720.

Clerk/Register of Deeds

200 N. Main [map]
(734) 222-6700

This combined office is headed by Lawrence Kestenbaum (D), whose four-year term expires in 2024. He and his staff maintain official county records (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, military discharges, business names, concealed weapons permits, and board of commissioners records), monitor the conduct of elections, and keep all land ownership records for property in the county.

Environmental Health Division (Washtenaw County Health Department)

705 N. Zeeb [map]
(734) 222-3800

This division of the county health department protects and improves the quality of the environment and the health of residents. If you believe you have gotten sick from food you ate at a restaurant or bought at a grocery store in Washtenaw County, call the number above. The Environmental Health Division inspects restaurants and other food service facilities, public pools and beaches, campgrounds, child care centers, facilities storing hazardous materials, well and septic systems, and body art facilities. It also investigates foodborne illness complaints, offers information on water testing, and provides environmental education on a variety of topics. Consultation on sanitation, groundwater contamination, mold, radon, pests and more, is available. During Covid-19: Staff cannot inspect private homes or residences.

Human Resources

220 N. Main [map]
(734) 222-6800

County job openings are posted each week. Apply online or download the application. Fax: (734-222-6775), mail: P.O. Box 8645, Ann Arbor, MI 48107. See website for updates on office hours.

Office of Community & Economic Development (OCED)

415 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, 2nd floor [map]
(734) 544-6748

Works to enhance quality of life for all Washtenaw County residents by delivering programs and initiatives in the areas of affordable housing, human services, economic development and community infrastructure. OCED serves local individuals, families, and communities through a mix of direct services, public policy development, and investment of monetary and technical support.

Programs include: Foster Grandparent Program (734-544-3040), offering opportunities for seniors age 55 and older to volunteer with children in a community/educational setting. Fill out an interest form on website. Washtenaw County Winter Warming Centers (734-961-1999), providing emergency shelter for homeless individuals during the winter months. Meals on Wheels and Senior Cafes (, providing meals to seniors in settings such as community and senior centers throughout Washtenaw County. During Covid-19: Senior Cafes are closed. Contact a Meals on Wheels provider for meal delivery options. Washtenaw Housing Education Partners(WHEP) & Homebuyer Education Program (734-222-9595), providing potential homebuyers down payment assistance and affordable housing opportunities, as well as housing seminars and individual pre-purchase housing counseling. Housing Rehabilitation & Weatherization (734-544-3008), assisting eligible county property owners with rehabilitations, emergency repairs, and accessibility ramps, and providing income-eligible county homeowners and renters with free energy efficiency improvements.

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200 N. Main [map]
(734) 222-6620

Prosecutor Eli Savit (D), an elected official whose 4-year term expires Jan. 2025, is the chief law enforcement officer for the county. The prosecuting attorney and assistants are responsible for criminal cases in the county that fall under state law. The prosecutor must authorize, in writing, any criminal prosecution. The prosecutor also enforces child support and handles juvenile court matters. For questions about child support, call (734) 222-6630. Advocates in the Victim/Witness Assistance Program (734) 222-6650 inform victims of their rights and the status of their cases.,

Public Defender

220 E. Huron, 5th floor [map]
(734) 222-6970

County public defender Delphia Simpson and her staff provide court-appointed legal counsel for adults, determined to be unable to pay for a lawyer, who are charged with felonies or misdemeanors and for juveniles charged with delinquencies or who are victims of neglect or abuse. The office also helps answer legal questions and works for crime prevention, justice, rehabilitation, reduced recidivism, and training and employment opportunities for persons subject to discrimination.

Public Health

555 Towner St, Ypsilanti [map]
(734) 544-6700

See Health Care section, p. ???

Road Commission

555 N. Zeeb [map]
(734) 761-1500

The road commission and its staff, headed by chair Barbara Ryan Fuller, are responsible for providing a road system that is reasonably safe and convenient. Most paved and gravel roads outside city limits are under the road commission's jurisdiction. Maintenance services include pothole patching, dust control, gravel road grading, snow removal, pavement resurfacing, roadside drainage, roadside vegetation management and tree removal. Other services include road and bridge construction, sign and signal maintenance, pavement marking, and guardrail repairs. The commission does not maintain privately owned streets or streets within the City of Ann Arbor. Download the WCRC Fix It app to easily report non-emergency county road issues directly to the road commission.


2201 Hogback [map]
Emergency: call 911. Nonemergency: (734) 971-8400

Sheriff Jerry Clayton (D), an elected official whose 4-year term expires Jan. 2025, enforces all county criminal, civil, and traffic laws and conducts investigations of unusual, violent, or accidental deaths in areas under the department's jurisdiction. The sheriff executes the orders of the courts, arrests and detains accused offenders, manages the county jail facilities, and coordinates law enforcement activities of the county and state. For townships and villages in outlying areas that have contracted with the sheriff's office, it responds to calls for assistance and provides uniformed road patrols.


200 N. Main, #200 [map]
(734) 222-6600

County treasurer Catherine McClary (D), an elected official whose 4-year term expires Jan. 2025, is the custodian of all county funds and portfolio manager for the county's investments. She is responsible for issuing dog, kennel, and dog park licenses; certifying deeds to verify taxes are paid; and receiving, depositing, and accounting for all county revenue and state education tax. Her office collects delinquent property taxes and assists people with financial hardships in paying their property taxes. Pay delinquent taxes and make partial payments securely online without a fee at

Veterans Affairs

2155 Hogback [map]
(734) 973-4540

Provides assistance to veterans, their survivors, and dependents to complete and file claims for federal, state, and local benefits, including in monthly VA entitlements, financial assistance, and burial reimbursements. Emergency financial grants for food, utilities, and shelter; veteran health care information; substance abuse referrals; and employment referrals. During Covid-19: Call (734) 973-4540 to schedule appointment.

Water Resources Commission

705 N. Zeeb [map]
(734) 222-6860

Commissioner Evan Pratt (, an elected official whose term expires Jan. 2025, coordinates stormwater management, develops strategies for flood and erosion control, and participates in the development of related storm-water and land-use policies, plans, and programs. The commissioner also conducts activities to protect the quality of storm drains and waterways; prepares special assessments for drains; maintains court-set lake levels and constructs and maintains associated facilities; establishes standards and reviews plans for storm drainage projects; manages and finances drain construction projects and watershed management plans; and educates the public on drain issues.

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