Saturday July 20, 2019
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Boards and Commissions

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Boards & Commissions

The city has 34 citizen boards, commissions, and committees. Go to for full list with descriptions, vacancies, and an application form, or call the Mayor's Office at (734) 794-6161. A few examples:

The Commission on Disability Issues promotes, and advocates for equal opportunities for individuals with physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities. At least 9 of the 13 positions are reserved for persons who have a disclosed disability as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The Housing and Human Services Advisory Board makes recommendations to the city council, city administration, and the Office of Community Development regarding policies and programs to address the housing and human services needs of low-income residents.

Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on proposed site plans, zoning changes, and modifications of the city's master plan. All actions include at least one public hearing. Has final say on certain site plans and on special-exception uses. Insofar as possible, members represent different professions and occupations having an interest in the growth and development of the city, but no special training or experience is necessary.

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