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Friday September 24, 2021
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Monday Sep 13, 2021

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Ark: Leo Kottke

A perennial winner of the Best Folk Guitarist award in Guitar Player magazine's annual readers' poll, Kottke is known for the elegantly understated grittiness of his approach to a richly varied acoustic repertoire. Critic David McGee calls him a "staunch traditionalist" whose music embodies "a profound commitment to the simple virtues of harmony, melody, and if you will, plain talk found in country, folk, and blues songs." Kottke is also a compelling singer with a deep, resonant voice and an expert entertainer whose concerts are by turns humorous and spellbinding. $40. [venue info]

Zal Gaz Grotto: Paul Keller Quartet

Jazz ensemble led by bassist Keller, vibes player Cary Kocher, electric pianist Adam Mosley, & guitarist Matt LaRusso. [venue info]

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