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Wednesday January 26, 2022
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Blind Pig

208 S. First St. [map]

This local club, renovated during its long COVID-enforced hiatus, resumes its live music programming late this month with shows most Wed.-Sat. and occasional other nights, 9 p.m.-1 a.m. (unless otherwise noted). Also, occasional early shows, usually 7-10 p.m. Cover, dancing. Advance tickets sold at the 8 Ball Saloon (below the club) and at

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January 1: "New Year's Eve Before During, & After Bash."

Dec. 30-Jan. 1. Headliner is Stormy Chromer, a popular local progressive jam-rock quartet. The lineup of local openers includes the jazz-inflected progressive funk-rock quartet Chirp, the rock, blues, and funk quintet Act Casual, the versatile local horn-fired funk sextet Sabbatical Bob, the rock 'n' roll quartet ZZvava, the psych-rock garage band Warlock's Grave, the self-styled "soulful music collective VioletSol, hip-hop MCs Tru Klassick and MC Kadence, the post-hip-hop synth-pop dance music Beanstalk, and the electronic downtempo dance musician Scüter. $20 (3-day pass, $50).

January 6: General 11

Taylor alternative rock band. Openers: the Detroit-area Christian hard-rock metal band Revelation Rain, Detroit area indie rock singer-songwriter Lee Cleaveland, the experimental Alma (MI) alt-rock band Monsters in Spade, the folk-rock quintet Tink & the Lost Boys, the Redford blues-roc trio Finders Fee, the southeast Michigan metalcore quintet Acronical, the Alma (MI) hard-rock band Venom of Virtue, and the southeast Michigan emo-punk band Remnants. $10 ($12 at the door). 8 p.m.-1 a.m.

January 7: GVO

Detroit hip-hop collective. $10.

January 8: Wakefire

Detroit sextet whose repertoire is an eclectic mix of Celtic rock, Slavic punk, Americana folk-rock, and baroque pop Openers: Pictus, a nationally touring Michigan trio whose repertoire is rooted in traditional Celtic music and dance featuring Highland pipes, drums, & pennywhistle. Crossbow, a 10-piece Celtic music ensemble from Allendale that plays traditional jigs and reels, along with folk and world music-oriented covers. $15.

January 13: Permanently Pissed

Novi rock band. Openers: the Detroit punk band Hail Alien, the local punk trio Candor, and Rodeo Boys, a Lansing queer rock 'n' roll band whose music features elements of Southern twang and 90s grunge. $10. 8 p.m.-1 a.m.

January 14: Sango

Seattle-based DJ, originally from Grand Rapids, who plays electronic, hip-hop, and R&B dance music. Openers: 3 other Grand Rapids acts: electronic and house DJ Savon, hip-hop rapper Joose the Conqueror, and hip-hop DJ The Seventh.

January 15: Hillbilly Knife Fight

Suburban Detroit horn-fired postpunk metal-rock sextet. Openers: Oscar Goldmen Overdrive, a Detroit postpunk rock 'n' roll band, and Plush Deathly., a Detroit experimental industrial- metal sextet. $10.

January 16: Myna

Local teen alternative hip-hop singer-songwriter. Openers: the Ypsilanti indie folk-rock singer-songwriter Maggie Hopp (aka Raw Honey), the Detroit electroacoustic rock band Dirt Room, and local dream-pop singer-songwriter Adam Julian (aka Koala Harbor). $10 ($12 at the door). 8 p.m.-midnight.

January 21: Ma Baker

Local funk-rock quartet. Openers: Chachuba, a local electro- pop dance band, and Violet Sol, a local self-styled "soulful music collective." $10.

January 22: The Third Son

The stage name of Detroit hip-hop singer-songwriter and rapper Larry Borum III. Openers: Detroit-area hip-hop artists Dango Forlaine, Ronnie Alpha, Rose Thornberry, LRNX, Junii, and Rah God. $10.

January 23: Tina in the Sand

This local band plays music from the Band's iconic concert film The Last Waltz, followed by a set of its own surf rock music. $10.

January 26: Syd Burnham

Bluesy, funky folk-rock by an ensemble led by this young Brighton singer-songwriter and guitarist. Openers: the Grand Rapids rock band Small Foreign Faction, the White Lake progressive rock band West of Sunday, and the mid-Michigan alt-rock band Melodic Canvas. $10.

January 27: Ani Mari and Kelly Hoppenjans

Double bill. Mari is is a young Americana roots music singer- songwriter from Houghton, and Hoppenjans is a young postpunk alt- rock singer-songwriter & guitarist from Nashville. $10. 8 p.m.- midnight.

January 28: Chris Gethard

All ages admitted. Cerebral, genuinely funny NYC-based actor-comedian, whose strongly improvisational style and penchant for often oddball byplay with his audience reflects the influence of the likes of Howard Stern, Andy Kaufman, and David Letterman. The host of the Earwolf podcast Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People, Gethard is also the author of books on NYC ghost stories & urban legends and a collection of biographical stories that's been featured on This American Life. $20-$30 Proof of COVID vaccination (at least 2 weeks prior to the show) required. 7 & 9:30 p.m. (doors open at 6 & 9 p.m.).

January 29: Dixon's Violin

Avant-garde improvisations by a former DSO violinist who goes by the name of Dixon's Violin. He performs on a five-string electric violin and a looping system. Openers: Jesse Clayton, a jazz-rock fusion ensemble led by this Macpodz keyboardist, and Dave Menzo, a local pop-rock singer-songwriter uses guitar, bass, synths, and other electronics to improvise instrumental tracks on the spot to sing with. $10.

February 1: Dopapod

All ages admitted. Highly regarded Boston-bred experimental funk-rock quartet. Opener: Eggy, a self-styled "funky crunchadelic" rock band from New Haven. $20 ($23 at the door). 8 p.m.-midnight.

February 3: Big Mountain

Veteran reggae band from San Diego. Opener: Funkwagon, a Burlington (VT) funk-rock band, and Mighty Mystic, Jamaican-born veteran reggae singer-songwriter now based in the Boston area. $25.

February 4: We Are Scientists

All ages admitted. Veteran Brooklyn (NY) duo whose music is a brand of postpunk rock flavored with 80s synth pop. $18 ($20 at the door). 8 p.m.-midnight.

February 5: Luna Pier

Acoustic indie pop-rock band from Clinton. Openers: Toledo folk-rock singer-songwriter. Jacob Sigman, local singer-songwriter CeceJune, and U-M student singer-songwriter Aneesa Sheikh. $10.

February 11: Lake Mosaic

Local punk-rock quintet. Openers: the local progressive metalcore quartet Spirit Breaker, the local indie rock band Conway, and the Detroit emo-inflected pop-punk band Vena Morris. $10.

February 12: The Third Son

The stage name of Detroit hip-hop singer-songwriter and rapper Larry Borum III. Openers: Detroit-area hip-hop artists Dango Forlaine, Ronnie Alpha, Rose Thornberry, LRNX, and Rah God.

February 16: AJ Smith

Highly regarded young Nashville-based indie pop singer-songwriter. Opener: Gravy Train, a local funk dance band. $10.

February 17: One Exit Down

Stage name of Detroit indie rock singer-songwriter Jacob Assell. Openers: the Detroit alt-pop quartet Cherry Blossom Club, the Detroit-area indie rock band Hemmingway Lane, the Detroit alt-pop-rock band Art of Conversation, and Ewan. $10.

February 18: "Summer Camp on the Road."

All ages admitted. Local bands compete for a spot in the 2022 Summer Camp Music Festival, held on Memorial Day weekend in Chillicothe (IL). The lineup: the local jazz-inflected progressive funk- rock quartet Chirp, the local funk-rock jam quartet Pajamas, local hip-hop MC Isaac Castor, the Portage (MI) heavy rock quartet BoneHawk, and the Flint postpunk rock 'n' roll trio Big Donut. $10. 8 p.m.-midnight.

February 19: "Freezefest III."

With the Chesterfield (MI) Metallica tribute band Prowler, the Detroit hard-rock band Creeping Chaos, the local metal band Concrete Angels, the Michigan metal band Die- Sect, Into the Exit, and Seventh. $15. 8 p.m.-1 a.m.

February 23: Desmond Jones

Grand Rapids funk-rock jazz fusion quintet. Opener: Envy Alo, a self-styled "high-altitude" funk-rock quartet from Denver.. $10. 8 p.m.-midnight.

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