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Classes, Seminars, and Workshops - Week of June 11, 2018

Classes, Seminars, and Workshops

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June 2018
 6:30 p.m.  Free! 

Living On Support Group: Arbor Hospice.

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A series of ongoing groups where grief and loss topics are addressed as they arise, depending on the interests of those attending the group. The focus of these groups is to express feelings and experiences related to the loss in a supportive, caring and non-judgmental environment.
Life without a loved one can be overwhelming, even long after that person has passed. To help individuals coping with grief, Arbor Hospice offers a supportive and caring environment to work through the loss.
Support groups and events are open to everyone, regardless of whether their loved one received services from Arbor Hospice. All grief support programs are free of charge, but donations are welcome to help support the nonprofit's programming. Registration is required. To register call Margie Martin: 734.769.5821.
Arbor Hospice, 2366 Oak Valley Drive. Free. 734-769-5821. [map]

 7-8 p.m. 

Intro to Aerial Silks: A2 Aviary.

  community member   < less an instructor coaches multiple students on the aerial silks

Aerial Silks, also known as Tissu or Ribbons, is a fabric apparatus hung from above that is climbed, wrapped around the body, and/or tied to create dramatic drops, pose, and movements in the air.
If you have never "flown" on the aerial silks before, this is the class for you! It is designed for absolute beginners and will introduce you to the flexibility, leverage, and balance used while on the apparatus, as well as how to engage the muscles needed to stay safe in the air. This class will repeat the same curriculum each week, focusing on basic climb, foot lock, and hollow body position, so you can join at any time. Once you've mastered the basics, you'll be ready to move on to the next class level. Please register via the Aviary's website, class size is limited. Use promo code firstflight for $5 off your first class! =)
A2 Aviary, 2875 Boardwalk Dr, Suite A. $25. [map]



June 2018
 6-8 p.m. 

Heirloom Flowers: Lifelong Learning at Washtenaw Community College.

  community member   < less Heirloom flowers work well in today's gardens, too.

The old-fashioned flowers our great grandmothers loved to grow were colorful, fragrant, and hardy-and just as perfect for today's gardens as those of yesteryear. You'll discover some forgotten plants as well as rediscover some old favorites. Learn the history of flowers that would have been grown in southeastern Michigan over a hundred years ago and the modern equivalents for today's gardens. You'll find out everything you need to know to grow these plants in your own gardens, plus some fun facts besides, such as hidden Victorian flower meanings and medicinal and everyday uses. We'll also briefly touch on gadgets and plants popular in Midwestern seed catalogs of the late 1800s.
Instructor is a master gardener volunteer who researched, designed, and maintained the Cobblestone Farm 1860s fountain garden.
You do not need to be a WCC student to enroll in this one-time lifelong learning class. Free for Washtenaw County residents age 65+.
Washtenaw Community College, 4800 E Huron River Dr., Rm. TI 108. $29. 734-677-5060. [map]

 6:30 p.m. 

Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class.

  community member   < less Son and father together

This six-week class led by Certified Instructor Catherine Fischer will help you to reduce stress in your family and help you better understand how children's emotions work. You will learn new ways to respond to tantrums, how to set limits effectively with both warmth and firmness and new ways to connect with your children through play. Parents have found these tools helpful with aggression, whining, power struggles, bedwetting, sleep problems, shyness and helping children with specific fears, as well as increasing the parents' own confidence and enjoyment of their children and of parenting.
At each meeting, you will have an opportunity to learn a new listening tool and talk about your experiences trying them at home. Each parent will also have an opportunity to be listened to by other members of the group.
This class is for parents only and will focus on the needs and challenges of parents of young children ages 0 - 10 years.
Space is limited to seven participants.
Great Oak Cohousing, 503 Little Lake Drive. $210 per person or $335 per couple. 734-395-5244. [map]

 7 p.m. 

All about BATIKS: Mary Kay Stevanus.

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Create funky textile artwork while learning various techniques including the Indonesian wax-resist dying technique. Each week we will explore different fabrics and art materials, so wherever your artistic level is, you will walk away with beautiful, one of a kind pieces! This is a 5 week class! Every Tuesday from 7-9pm starting June 12 and ending July 17. No class on July 3.
Flipside Art Studio, 255 East Liberty Street. $150. [map]

 7:30-9 p.m.  Free! 

"Teens Using Drugs: What To Know and What To Do": Dawn Farm.

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"Teens Using Drugs: What To Know and What To Do" is a FREE, ongoing 2-part series presented on the 1st (part 1) and 2nd (part 2) Tuesdays of October, November, and January - June. Part 1 provides information on how to understand and recognize adolescent substance use. Part 2 has break-out sessions for adults on effective strategies to help when adolescent substance use is suspected, and for teens to explore the personal effects of substance use. Part 2 ends for adults and teens with a talk by a young person in recovery. The series is presented by Dawn Farm Youth and Family Services, and co-sponsored by Dawn Farm, WISD/LESA Health Educators' Learning Network (supporting and advocating for Whole School, Whole Community, and the Whole Child Approach-WSCC,) St. Joseph Mercy Greenbrook Recovery Center and the Ann Arbor Public Schools. The series is inclusive of parents/guardians, teens, other family members, professionals and students - all are welcome. Registration is not required.
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Education Center, Exhibition Room classroom, 5305 Elliott Drive, Ypsilanti. Free. 734-485-8725. [map]



June 2018
 6 p.m. 

"One Prayer Class": Sun Shen.

  community member   < less Headshot of Samo Joanna Myers

The One Prayer is a dynamic self-management tool, custom designed for you, that you can take wherever you go and update as you learn and grow. This course is designed for anyone wanting a greater understanding of themselves, more focus in life, and more satisfaction. The One Prayer is about having a vision, following your heart, but is also very concrete and practical. Classes are held Wednesdays, 6 - 7:30pm. Contact Joanna Myers at or 734-395-8486 for more information.
SUN SHEN, 2466 East Stadium Boulevard. $65/month. 734-395-8486. [map]

 7 p.m. 

Fun with Fiber ART!: Flipside Art Studio.

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The imagination can do amazing things when working with textiles, where fiber art techniques can be adapted from global traditions. Join us in this beginners class as we explore various types of materials to create all while you have fun expanding your skills with textiles. This is a 5 week class that runs every Wednesday from June 13 to July 18. No class on July 4.
Flipside Art Studio, 255 East Liberty Street. $150. [map]



June 2018
 6 p.m.  Free! 

"How to Grow Your Sales": Ann Arbor Area SCORE.

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In this workshop we'll line you up for success with a sales foundation to get you where you want to go. Learn how to determine if your current sales effort is enough or how much you need to increase it; develop a sales plan to help drive your success for the next 90 days; and leave confident about how to get from your current monthly sales level to where want to be in the next 30 days.
Ann Arbor Public Library Downtown, 343 S. Fifth Ave. Free. [map]



June 2018
 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Free! 

MacTechnics Monthly Meeting: MacTechnics, Ann Arbor Computer Users Group.

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At 9:00am: Creating a Slideshow Using iMovie, Part 2 - Last month, VP of Education and the Secretary for MacTechnics, introduced the group to creating a slideshow using iMovie. This month we'll look at a working model of a slide show, and create a step-by-step, build-from-scratch workflow. It is not necessary to have attended Part 1 to benefit from Part 2. As always, this session will be very interactive, very informative, very educational - open to Mac questions of all kinds.
At 11:00am: Remote Computer Control - Our Resident Geek Genius will use Teamviewer to demonstrate how to control a computer remotely. This may be a useful feature when giving or receiving support or assistance while working on your computer.
NEW Center, 1100 North Main. Free. [map]

 11:30 a.m.  Free! 

Fly & Remember Memorial - A Memorial Prelude to GreiveWell's Kite Festival: Arbor Hospice.

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Remember the fond memories you shared with your loved one by personalizing and flying a kite in their honor. Arbor Hospice will provide all materials. All families who have experienced the loss of a loved one are welcome. Register in advance by calling Margie Martin. Participants are welcome to stay afterward for GrieveWell's Kite Festival from 1-4 p.m. Registration for the Kite Festival is available at
Life without a loved one can be overwhelming, even long after that person has passed. To help individuals coping with grief, Arbor Hospice offers a supportive and caring environment to work through the loss.
Support groups and events are open to everyone, regardless of whether their loved one received services from Arbor Hospice. All grief support programs are free of charge, but donations are welcome to help support the nonprofit's programming. Registration is required.
To register call Margie Martin at 734.769.5821.
Pioneer High School front lawn, 601 W. Stadium Blvd. Free. 734-769-5821. [map]



June 2018
 11 a.m.-3 p.m.  Free! 

Mobile Repair Stand: Common Cycle.

  community member   < less 2017 Mobile Repair Stand

Common Cycle's main activity from April-October is our Mobile Repair Stand. The MRS is a portable bike workshop that we haul to the Farmers Market in Kerrytown alongside the Sunday Artisan Market. The Mobile Repair Stand is open from 11 AM-3PM each Sunday, and is volunteer-run.
Volunteers at the MRS range from experienced mechanics to interested newbies, and we help all kinds of cyclists fix all kinds of bikes. The only requirement for getting help at the Repair Stand is that you be willing to get your hands dirty; assistance from the Mobile Repair Stand is free, but donations are welcome.
Ann Arbor Farmers Market, 315 Detroit St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Free. Donation. [map]

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