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Events in October 2022

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September 25, 2022(44 events) September 26, 2022(22 events) September 27, 2022(29 events) September 28, 2022(34 events) September 29, 2022(37 events) September 30, 2022(37 events) October 1, 2022(53 events)
October 2, 2022(42 events) October 3, 2022(26 events) October 4, 2022(38 events) October 5, 2022(28 events) October 6, 2022(37 events) October 7, 2022(51 events) October 8, 2022(49 events)
October 9, 2022(64 events) October 10, 2022(24 events) October 11, 2022(40 events) October 12, 2022(33 events) October 13, 2022(42 events) October 14, 2022(41 events) October 15, 2022(49 events)
October 16, 2022(38 events) October 17, 2022(20 events) October 18, 2022(34 events) October 19, 2022(36 events) October 20, 2022(42 events) October 21, 2022(46 events) October 22, 2022(45 events)
October 23, 2022(48 events) October 24, 2022(17 events) October 25, 2022(39 events) October 26, 2022(35 events) October 27, 2022(37 events) October 28, 2022(43 events) October 29, 2022(37 events)
October 30, 2022(38 events) October 31, 2022(17 events) November 1, 2022(36 events) November 2, 2022(47 events) November 3, 2022(42 events) November 4, 2022(51 events) November 5, 2022(54 events)

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October 8, 2022

“Pickleball”: Purple Rose Theatre Company.
“Science Forum Demos”: U-M Museum of Natural History.
ArtcareShop Fashion Show
Magic: The Gathering Game Play: Sylvan Factory.
Museum Highlight Tours: U-M Museum of Natural History.
U-M Museum of Natural History Planetarium & Dome Theater.
Volunteer Stewardship Workday: Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation Division.
“The Big Sit”: Washtenaw Audubon Society.
Ann Arbor Group Runs: Fleet Feet.
Annual Gaming Convention: U•Con.
“Run Scream Run”: Running Fit.
“Saturday Morning Ride to Dexter/Chelsea”: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society.
“The Ways of Water”: U-M School of Art & Design Stamps Gallery.
14th Annual Glass Pumpkin Fest: The Glass Academy.
Fiber Expo.
parkrun USA.
West Willow Neighborhood Beautification Day: Habitat for Humanity
“A2 Artoberfest”: Guild of Artists & Artisans.
“Apple Day”: Pittsfield Union Grange.
African Violet Show and Sale: Michigan State African Violet Society.
Community Shred Event to fundraise for Polio by Rotary
Sensory-Friendly Storytime: Ann Arbor District Library.
Chime Concert: Kerrytown Market & Shops.
Blast Corn Maze: Nixon Farms.
Country Fair: Wiard’s Orchards.
Free Ninja Obstacle Course for Kids
“Pokémon Hangout”: Sylvan Factory.
Build A Synth: Square Wave Oscillator: Ann Arbor District Library.
“Creature Encounters”: The Creature Conservancy.
“Dancing Babies”: Ann Arbor District Library.
“Saturday Sampler”: U-M Kelsey Museum of Archaeology.
Spider Web Watercolor Art: Ann Arbor District Library.
“Autumn Saturday Slam!”: Northside Community Church.
“Collaboration Concert”: Dexter Community Orchestra.
SuperBlue - Kurt Elling with Special Guests Huntertones Horns
“Full Moon Hike: Hunter’s Moon”: Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation.
“StoryFest”: Ann Arbor Storytellers Guild.
Joe Kidd & Sheila Burke: Lighthouse Center.
Katie Geddes: Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth Cafe 704.
Royal Garden Trio
Tony Deyo: Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase.
“After Dark Series: Campfire Stories”: Hudson Mills Metropark.
“Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow Moscow”: U-M Theater Department.
“Night Terrors”: Wiard’s Orchards.
“Sophisticated Ladies”: U-M Musical Theater Department.
“The Carpenters Tribute”: The Encore Musical Theatre Company.
Chamber Soloists of Detroit: Kerrytown Concert House.
Michigan Playwrights Festival: Theatre Nova.