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Events in October 2022

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September 25, 2022(44 events) September 26, 2022(22 events) September 27, 2022(29 events) September 28, 2022(34 events) September 29, 2022(37 events) September 30, 2022(37 events) October 1, 2022(53 events)
October 2, 2022(42 events) October 3, 2022(26 events) October 4, 2022(38 events) October 5, 2022(28 events) October 6, 2022(37 events) October 7, 2022(51 events) October 8, 2022(49 events)
October 9, 2022(64 events) October 10, 2022(24 events) October 11, 2022(40 events) October 12, 2022(33 events) October 13, 2022(42 events) October 14, 2022(41 events) October 15, 2022(49 events)
October 16, 2022(38 events) October 17, 2022(20 events) October 18, 2022(34 events) October 19, 2022(36 events) October 20, 2022(42 events) October 21, 2022(46 events) October 22, 2022(45 events)
October 23, 2022(48 events) October 24, 2022(17 events) October 25, 2022(39 events) October 26, 2022(35 events) October 27, 2022(37 events) October 28, 2022(43 events) October 29, 2022(37 events)
October 30, 2022(38 events) October 31, 2022(17 events) November 1, 2022(36 events) November 2, 2022(47 events) November 3, 2022(42 events) November 4, 2022(51 events) November 5, 2022(54 events)

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October 25, 2022

“Playgroups for Babies”: Ann Arbor District Library.
Preschool Storytimes: Ann Arbor District Library.
U-M Museum of Natural History Planetarium & Dome Theater.
SUMIT Keynote: Adventures in Securing At-Risk People
Line Dancing
Noon Lecture Series: U-M Center for Chinese Studies.
“The Problem of the Refugee Writer”: Institute for the Humanities Hear, Here Series.
“Jews of Algeria in Light of Modern Studies: Major Trends and New Horizons”: U-M Frankel Center for Judaic Studies.
“Mah Jongg Play & Learn”: Ann Arbor City Club.
Duplicate Bridge: Ann Arbor City Club.
Michigan Marching Band Practice.
My Hero Academia League: Sylvan Factory.
My Hero Academia League: Sylvan Factory.
Ypsilanti Death Cafe
“Bias Is All Around You: Can You Separate Fact from Fiction?”: Ann Arbor District Library Author Event.
“Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote”: Ann Arbor District Library.
“Topics in French Studies: Et Après?”: UMMA Subject Matters Event.
Ann Arbor Group Runs: Fleet Feet.
BattleTech: Classic: Sylvan Factory.
BattleTech: Classic: Sylvan Factory.
Physical Computing with the Raspberry Pi: Ann Arbor District Library.
“Tour de Dirt Tuesday Dirt Ride”: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society.
“Stay True”: Literati Bookstore Cultura Book Club.
“Where Did My Roommate Put My Charger?: A Kind-Of Activity Book for Kind-Of Adults”: Literati Bookstore/Ann Arbor District Library.
“Sufi Chanting, Movement, & Meditations”: Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth.
“Capture the Flag”: All Hands Active.
“Nine Quarters of Jerusalem”: A New Biography of the Old City”: Schuler Books (formerly Nicola’s).
Bluegrass Jam Circle: Ann Arbor Senior Center.
English Country Dance: Ann Arbor Community of Traditional Music and Dance.
Huron Valley Harmonizers Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society.
Kenji Lee
Skazat! Poetry Series.
Virtual Trivia Night: Ann Arbor Adventure Club.
Voices in Harmony.
German Conversation.
“Comedy Experiment”: Beer Grotto.
“Music that Grooves”: U-M School of Music Contemporary Directions Ensemble.