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Events in October 2022

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September 25, 2022(44 events) September 26, 2022(22 events) September 27, 2022(29 events) September 28, 2022(34 events) September 29, 2022(38 events) September 30, 2022(37 events) October 1, 2022(54 events)
October 2, 2022(42 events) October 3, 2022(26 events) October 4, 2022(38 events) October 5, 2022(28 events) October 6, 2022(38 events) October 7, 2022(51 events) October 8, 2022(49 events)
October 9, 2022(64 events) October 10, 2022(24 events) October 11, 2022(40 events) October 12, 2022(33 events) October 13, 2022(43 events) October 14, 2022(41 events) October 15, 2022(49 events)
October 16, 2022(38 events) October 17, 2022(20 events) October 18, 2022(34 events) October 19, 2022(36 events) October 20, 2022(43 events) October 21, 2022(46 events) October 22, 2022(45 events)
October 23, 2022(48 events) October 24, 2022(17 events) October 25, 2022(39 events) October 26, 2022(35 events) October 27, 2022(38 events) October 28, 2022(43 events) October 29, 2022(37 events)
October 30, 2022(38 events) October 31, 2022(17 events) November 1, 2022(37 events) November 2, 2022(47 events) November 3, 2022(43 events) November 4, 2022(51 events) November 5, 2022(54 events)

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October 23, 2022

“Pickleball”: Purple Rose Theatre Company.
Blushing (Austin), Lucid Express (Hong Kong) w/ The Fever Haze
U-M Museum of Natural History Planetarium & Dome Theater.
Volunteer Stewardship Workday: Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation Division.
“Monster Ann Arbor Record & CD Collector’s Show”: Rerun Records.
“Rescue Reading”: Humane Society of Huron Valley.
Huron Gun Collectors.
“Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times”: Jewel Heart Tibetan Buddhist Center Sunday Talks.
46th Annual Ann Arbor Antiquarian Book Fair: Ann Arbor Antiquarian Booksellers Association.
Blast Corn Maze: Nixon Farms.
Country Fair: Wiard’s Orchards.
Remodelers Home Tour: Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor.
Sunday Artisan Market.
“Dancing Babies”: Ann Arbor District Library.
H.A.C. Ultimate.
“Chesstastic”: Ann Arbor District Library.
Open Board Gaming: Sylvan Factory.
“Tree Town Stomp”: Ann Arbor Community of Traditional Music and Dance.
“Creature Encounters”: The Creature Conservancy.
“Critter House Open Hours”: Leslie Science & Nature Center.
“Family Day: The Buzz on Sweet Foods”: U-M Natural History Museum.
Handmade Toy Food: Carrots: Ann Arbor District Library.
Sharon Mills Open House: Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission.
Tour: Kempf House Museum.
“Organize Like an Archivist”: Genealogical Society of Washtenaw County.
“A Midsummer Night's Dream”: Father Gabriel Richard Drama Club.
“In the Shadow of the Volcanoes”: Southeast Michigan Bromeliad Society.
“Pumpkin Carving Party”: Hudson Mills Metropark.
“The Crucible”: EMU Theatre Department.
“Who Needs Adaptations?”: Waterloo Natural History Association.
Ann Arbor Storytellers Guild.
Open House: Maker Works.
Paper Airplanes: Ann Arbor District Library.
Sunday Drop-In Tour: U-M Kelsey Museum of Archaeology.
Tiny Pie Magnets: Ann Arbor District Library.
“The Complete Organ Works of J.S. Bach”: U-M Music School.
Band-O-Rama: U-M Music School.
"Hocus Pocus": Michigan Theater.
"Hocus Pocus": Michigan Theater.
Ann Arbor Go Club.
Cocktail Class: Drinking the Decades
Ann Arbor Morris.
Nadim Azzam and Chris DuPont: Northside Community Church.
“Sunday Evening Game Night”: Ann Arbor Adventure Club.
“May Erlewine: Tour for Two with Anthony da Costa”: Kerrytown Concert House.
“Night Terrors”: Wiard’s Orchards.
“The UnClub”: The Theater Shop.