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Events in October 2022

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September 25, 2022(44 events) September 26, 2022(22 events) September 27, 2022(29 events) September 28, 2022(34 events) September 29, 2022(37 events) September 30, 2022(37 events) October 1, 2022(53 events)
October 2, 2022(42 events) October 3, 2022(26 events) October 4, 2022(38 events) October 5, 2022(28 events) October 6, 2022(37 events) October 7, 2022(51 events) October 8, 2022(49 events)
October 9, 2022(64 events) October 10, 2022(24 events) October 11, 2022(40 events) October 12, 2022(33 events) October 13, 2022(42 events) October 14, 2022(41 events) October 15, 2022(49 events)
October 16, 2022(38 events) October 17, 2022(20 events) October 18, 2022(34 events) October 19, 2022(36 events) October 20, 2022(42 events) October 21, 2022(46 events) October 22, 2022(45 events)
October 23, 2022(48 events) October 24, 2022(17 events) October 25, 2022(39 events) October 26, 2022(35 events) October 27, 2022(37 events) October 28, 2022(43 events) October 29, 2022(37 events)
October 30, 2022(38 events) October 31, 2022(17 events) November 1, 2022(36 events) November 2, 2022(47 events) November 3, 2022(42 events) November 4, 2022(51 events) November 5, 2022(54 events)

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October 21, 2022

“Black Adam”: State Theatre.
“Pickleball”: Purple Rose Theatre Company.
“Ticket to Paradise”: Michigan Theater.
26th Annual Edgefest: Kerrytown Concert House.
Magic: The Gathering Game Play: Sylvan Factory.
Preschool Storytimes: Ann Arbor District Library.
U-M Museum of Natural History Planetarium & Dome Theater.
“Joe’s Breakfast Club”: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society.
Rise & Shine Exercise
“Fundraising Has a History You Can Tell Through Objects”: U-M Clements Library Bookworm.
“Olson Park Gravel Ride”: Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society.
City Park Walks
Country Fair: Wiard’s Orchards.
Country Fair: Wiard’s Orchards.
Crafting Crew
“Real World Perspectives”: U-M Poverty Solutions Fall Speaker Series.
Chime Concert: Kerrytown Market & Shops.
U-M Center for Southeast Asian Studies Lecture Series.
Duplicate Bridge: Ann Arbor City Club.
“Fix-It Friday”: Maker Works.
Blast Corn Maze: Nixon Farms.
“D & D Adventures”: Sylvan Factory.
“Festival of Lights: Diwali”: Pittsfield Township Parks & Recreation.
“Zombie Run”: U-M Nichols Arboretum Fundraiser.
Is/Land Open Studio Rehearsal: Ann Arbor District Library.
Macramé Ghosts: Ann Arbor District Library.
“A Midsummer Night's Dream”: Father Gabriel Richard Drama Club.
“Adult Spooky Species”: The Creature Conservancy.
“The Crucible”: EMU Theatre Department.
Bluegrass Friday: Pontiac Trail Blazers Featuring Jason Dennie
Fostering Futures Fundraiser.
New Moon Night Hike: Leslie Science and Nature Center.
The Wait Wait Stand-Up Tour: Live Nation.
Karen Rontowski: Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase.
“Local Author’s Night”: Booksweet Bookshop.
“Night Terrors”: Wiard’s Orchards.
“Astronomy Night Open House”: U-M Detroit Observatory.
“Black Cat Cabaret”: Neighborhood Theatre Group.
“The Mummy Queen”: Penny Seats Theatre Company.
“The Rite of Spring”: University Musical Society.
“Tree Town Stomp”: Ann Arbor Community of Traditional Music and Dance.
Mark Stuart: Green Wood Coffee House Series (First United Methodist Church).
University Philharmonia Orchestra: U-M Music School.
Social Dance: The Dance Pavilion.
Riverside Swings: Swing Ann Arbor.
"Perfect Blue": State Theatre.