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Calendar of Events

Monday, March 8, 2021

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 12:01 a.m.-midnight  Free!  Online 

"Some Old Black Man": University Musical Society Digital Presentation.

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Mar. 1-12. Reprise of the January premiere of award-winning NYC playwright James Anthony Tyler's drama directed by Wesleyan University film professor Joe Cacaci. It's about a coolly intellectual college professor who moves his ailing but independent blue-collar father into his Harlem penthouse. This play explores the personal trauma of a family's history, as father and son try to rectify old wounds enabled by a racist world. Stars Wendell Pierce and Charlie Robinson. Prerecorded in November without an audience at the Jam Handy event venue in Detroit.
Online at Free. 764-2538.

 12:01 a.m.-midnight  Online 

"Virtual Movie Palace": Michigan Theater.

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New titles available this month online for 2-10 days after you start watching. Remainder of March schedule online at

"Atlantis" (Valentyn Vasyanovych, 2020). Dystopian post-apocalyptic film. Ukranian, subtitles.

"Leona" (Isaac Cherem, 2018). A young Jewish Mexican woman falls in love against her family's wishes with someone who's not Jewish. Spanish, subtitles.

"Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in Her Own Words" (Freida Lee Mock, 2021). Documentary featuring Ginsburg's interviews and talks about her career.

"17 Blocks" (Davy Rothbart, 2020). Two decades of footage of a close-knit family living 17 blocks behind the U.S. Capitol in one of America's most dangerous neighborhoods.

"The Fan Connection" (Mary Wall, 2019). Residents in the economically depressed town of Buffalo find communal hope during the Sabres hockey season.

Starts Mar. 5: "Stray" (Elizabeth Lo, 2021). Lo follows 3 stray dogs on the streets of Turkey, which has a no-kill, no-capture dog policy.

Starts Mar. 26: "Her Name Is Chef" (Peter Ferriero 2021). Documentary about changing gender roles in the restaurant industry told through the stories of 6 women chefs. Also, at 7 p.m. on Mar. 29 only (to register, see, a live Zoom conversation with 4 local women chefs, Abby Olitsky of Sencer, Allie Little of LaLa's Ann Arbor, Ji Hye Kim of Miss Kim, and Eve Aranoff of Frit Banditos.

$6-$12 per film. Online at for 2-10 days after you start watching.

 9 a.m.  Online 

Online weekend retreat for beginners and intermediate meditators: Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry.

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Vipassana and the Loving Heart: a retreat via Zoom
Teachers: Barbara Brodsky and Dan Muir
Our world has been filled this year with chaos and pain. How do we live in these times with basic sanity and compassion? How do we handle our experiences of fear, anger, loneliness, and pain?
This retreat is designed to support beginner and intermediate level students, but experienced students are welcome.
The online retreat will include vipassana instruction at all levels; practice with meditations such as lovingkindness and compassion, which deepen our experience of the loving heart; small groups for deep discussion, and periods of silent meditation.
Suggested donation: $50 - $150
No one will be excluded for financial reasons.
Last day for registration: Thursday, March 4, 2021
online - Zoom. Online. Donation. 734.477.5848.

 10:30 a.m.  Online 

"Music Together": Early Childhood Division Rec & Ed, First Steps.

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Birth - 5 years & Caregiver. Music Together Online classes allow families access to the same Music Together® early childhood curriculum right in your home. Each week families participate in a live, 30-minute online class - no musical instruments necessary! Additional content is provided throughout the week to encourage continued music-making at home. Registered families receive a Bells cd and songbook + access to download music. Music Together® Mixed Age classes, even when they're online, encourage children and families to experience the joy of making music together! The time-tested, research-based curriculum supports the idea all children are musical and learn best through play. Join us for tons of musical fun! Instructor: Stephanie Urban. 9 classes. Scholarship recipients pay $50 material fee.
Zoom Link, Your Home. Online. $159. 734 994 2300 X 0. Birth - 5 years & Caregiver. Music Together Online classes allow families access to the same Music Together® early childhood curriculum right in your home. Each week families participate in a live, 30

 11 a.m. 

"Exploring Nature with Nutty Scientists in the Pioneer Woods": Early Childhood Division Rec & Ed, First Steps.

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Ages 2.5 - 5 years & Adult. Find out what nature has to offer in Ann Arbor's beautiful winter wonderland! Professor Pollen will lead Junior Scientists and their "Adult Assistants" on a trek through the Pioneer Woods and Forest where we learn how to observe like a scientist. Search for evidence of wildlife, discover the diversity of plants and trees and learn a bit about forest ecology. Think of it as a Nutty Nature Scavenger Hunt with the Nutty Scientists! The two ecology walks will focus on different aspects of nature and different parts of the forest and/or prairie - sign up for one or both! Please wear a face mask and weather-appropriate clothing to class. The First Steps Early Childhood PTO will help to provide winter outerwear for families in need who otherwise would not be able to participate. Instructors: Professor Pollen. Scholarship recipients pay $5.
Pioneer Woods, 1515 S. Seventh St. $19. 734 994 2300 X 0. [map]

 11-11:30 a.m.  Free!  Online 

"Baby Time": Ann Arbor District Library.

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All infants through 2-year-olds (accompanied by caregiver) invited to this program of songs, rhymes, movements, stories, and other activities.
Online at Free. 327-4200.

 11:30 a.m.  Online 

"Toe Tappers": Early Childhood Division Rec & Ed, First Steps.

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Ages 3-5. Toe Tappers will have a blast while learning about rhythm and coordination. Sam introduces children to basic tap steps as well as ways to move through space like skipping, sliding, jumping and hopping. Creative movement activities will also spark their imaginations to move in new ways! Sam will let you know before each class what household props you may need. Tap shoes are helpful though not required for the virtual class. Instructor: Sam Coffin. 9 classes. Scholarship recipients: $10.
Zoom Link, Your Home. Online. $109. 734 994 2300 X 0.

 Noon-1 p.m.  Free!  Online 

"Noontime Exercise" U-M Turner Senior Wellness Program.

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Every Mon., Wed., & Fri. All ages invited to follow basic prerecorded movements. No equipment necessary. Tai Chi (noon-12:30 p.m.) and "Walking off the Pounds," walking in place (12:30-1 p.m.).
Various times, for online meeting URL email or call 998-9353. Free.

 12:01-midnight  Free!  Online 

"The Calm After The Storm": U-M Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

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(Mercedes Gaviria, 2020). Documentary about the director's mixed feelings of admiration and reproach as she questioned the place of women in the film world and more while working on her father's new film. Spanish, subtitles. On Mar. 25, 4-6 p.m., a Q&A with Gaviria, NYU arts professor Juana Suárez, and U-M Spanish and Latin America studies professor Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola.
For URL, preregister at Available all day. FREE. 763-0553.

 4-5 p.m.  Free!  Online 

"A Conversation About Sustainability, Social Justice, and Public Policy": U-M Ford School of Public Policy.

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With Arizona State University future innovation professor Darshan Karwat and U-M sustainability professor Tony Reames.
Online at Free.

 5-6:15 p.m.  Free!  Online 

Weekly Programs: Neutral Zone.

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Young adult center with a variety of fun virtual social activities available on weekdays throughout the school year.

Every Mon. (5-6:15 p.m.): "Spinning Dot Theatre." Discuss playwriting, acting, directing, and more.

Every Tues. (5:45-7:30 p.m.): "Zone Hack." Hands-on workshop to explore new technology. All skill levels welcome, beginners especially.

Every Wed. (5:45-7 p.m.): "Audio Techniques." Learn the basics of recording, producing, mixing and mastering. No experience necessary. Emcee and Songwriting. Participatory workshops.

Every Fri. (5:45-7 p.m.): "Live." Livestream performing arts TBA. "Loop Nations." Learn and get feedback on sound looping. No experience or equipment necessary.
Various times, for URL, see Free. 214-9995.

 5:30 p.m.  Online 

Olive Oil Tasting: Fustini's Oils & Vinegars.

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Every Mon. Fustini's staffers sample and discuss various olive oils.
For URL call 213-1110. $60, includes samples available for curbside pickup or delivery.

 6-8 p.m.  Online 

"The Bee Lady Talks": Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (50+).

  community member   < less OLLI Study Groups

Explore the life of the honeybee in and out of the hive. Victoria Dluzen McIntyre is an amateur apiarist whose love of honeybees comes to her naturally - her family name 'dluzen' means 'keeper of the bees' in Polish.
Known as 'The Bee Lady', Victoria has travelled around southeastern Michigan giving talks (The Bee Lady Talks) to schools, garden clubs, and civic groups. Come and learn about the mysteries of the hive and how 50,000 bees work together for one common good.
Preregistration is required via the OLLI website or phone. A link to access the study group will be e-mailed to you approximately one week prior to the first session.
Online. Online. $10. 734-998-9351.

 6 p.m.  Free! 

"Ann Arbor Group Runs": Running Fit.

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Every Mon. & Sat. Runners of all abilities invited to join a 3-8 mile run along varying routes from different Running Fit locations. Also, a speed-training session (every Tues. 6 p.m., 5700 Jackson Rd.). Snacks. Rain, snow, or shine.
6 p.m. (Mon.), 123 E. Liberty & 8 a.m. (Sat.), 5700 Jackson Rd; call for holiday hours. Free. 769-5016 (Mon.), 929-9022 (Tues., Thurs. & Jackson Rd, Sat. run). [map]

 7-8:30 p.m.  Free!  Online 

"Café Shapiro": U-M Library.

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Mar. 1, 2, 8, & 9. U-M students, nominated by their instructors, read their poems and short stories.
Online at Free.

 7 p.m.  Free!  Online 

"Secession in the Border States": Ann Arbor Civil War Round Table.

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Talk by Gettysburg-based writer Leon Reed, author of several books on the Civil War.
For URL see aacwnews.htm. Free.

 7-8:30 p.m.  Free!  Online 

"Trenton Puppet Board of Trustees": Ann Arbor District Library.

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Imaginary board meeting for hand puppets over Zoom to discuss issues pertaining to puppets. Have your own puppet make a live "Puppet Citizen Comment" near the beginning or end of the meeting, if you like, or email your puppet's prerecorded comment to The puppets' human masters must remain invisible at all times.
Online at Free. 327-4200.

 7:30-9:30 p.m.  Free!  Online 

Scandinavian Music Jam.

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Bruce Sagan and Brad Battey lead an acoustic jam session devoted to traditional music from Sweden and Norway. All instruments welcome, no experience playing Scandinavian music necessary.
7:30-9:30 p.m., for URL email Free. (908) 721-2599. [map]

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