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Young Local Writers

Personal essays written by students ages 9-15 who participated in an 826michigan workshop led by Observer designer LR Nunez and calendar editor Katie Whitney

Friday, January 27, 2017


By Aaleigh aka Batman

Bob watching with deep brown eyes that stare into your soul. A mask and a furry tail. He sits on my roof always watching with a blank look on his face. He has a soda can. He bites and licks from Jim our neighbor’s trash.

I sit up in my bed that morning stretching. I open my eyes and Bob is sitting at my window watching me sleep in my purple room. I can’t scream all. I do is look and air comes out. Finally I push out enough to scream and throw Mr. Tud Tud my brown matted-down teddy at him, and he falls back off the sill that was covered with snow and ice.

Why was he there? I remembered I left my cat’s food out and I let him eat it. The one lesson I learned fast: NEVER feed Bob.

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