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Thursday September 23, 2021
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Fake ad for The Partnership for an Internet-Free America

The Partnership for an Internet-Free America

Fake Ad: July 2021

by Jay Forstner

From the August, 2021 issue

We received 186 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for "The Partnership for an Internet-Free America" on page 45 of the July issue. Many of you clever Fake Adders found it without much difficulty.

"I wasn't even actively looking for the Fake Ad (which I usually do) when I spotted it," wrote Susan Landauer. "Nice going! The ad made me kind of nervous until I spotted the previous winner's name, Maddox, hidden in the sentence with MADD, Oxfam. Thanks!"

"Needing to find the letter 'X' made this ad easier to locate but not less clever," wrote Kathleen Singer, thus immediately becoming one of our favorite singers, along with Freddy Mercury, James Taylor, and the sewing machine.

"Piece o'cake!" wrote Lelia Raley. "The Partnership for an Internet-Free America--sounds like the good ol' days. In a way."

And Ann Whiting gets the last word: "An Internet-Free America? You've got to be kidding! And yes--you are kidding. Leftist agendas for MADD, Doctors Without Borders, etc.?? Yes--you're definitely kidding."

Our winner was Dave Sweeton. He's taking his gift certificate to Detroit Street Filling Station.     (end of article)

[Originally published in August, 2021.]


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