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Saturday June 19, 2021
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part of Michigan Theater facade

Michigan Theater Marquee

I Spy: June 2020

by Sally Bjork

From the July, 2020 issue

I Spy "part of the Michigan Theater marquee," writes Dan Romanchik. "I'd really love to go see a movie there right about now ." "Pandemic pleasures," says Gwynne Fisher, who entered for the first time after "reading the Observer for decades." Puzzled by the clue, she added, "I don't know what rear view refers to since the sign is in the front."

"The picture [shows] the rear view of the turrets," says Keith McConnelly. It's "not an angle I've viewed before," writes Melodie Marske, "maybe from a parking structure?" "It seems to me that [the photographer] would have had to be on the roof of the theater," says Cathy Chow. It "was taken from pretty high up," writes Gabe DellaVecchia, who guessed the vantage point might be a back window at Sava's.

While not actually taken from a window, the clue does allude to the film Rear Window. The oblique rear view of the theater domes and marquee was shot from the 7th floor of U-M's Thayer St. parking structure.

"Thank you for pointing out things I don't usually notice!" says Sara Kitzsteiner, who enjoyed the "unusual view." "I love the Michigan Theater," writes Monet Tiedemann, adding that she "can't wait to see a film there once the pandemic is over!" Till then, check out the theater's virtual film lineup at

We received thirty-two correct entries in June. Our random drawing winner is Cathy Chow who will enjoy a $25 gift certificate at, you guessed it, the Michigan Theater!

To enter this month's contest, use the image and clue on the Back Page of the July issue and send your answer to the address at the bottom of the page.     (end of article)

[Originally published in July, 2020.]


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