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fake ad for It's Just Drinks

It's Just Drinks

Fake Ad: October 2020

by Jay Forstner

From the November, 2020 issue

We received 175 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for "It's Just Drinks" in the October issue.

"Great fake ad this month," wrote Jaime Reichlmayr, who we hope never wins our little contest, for obvious reasons. "I look every month but this is the first time I've finally caught the previous winner's name, in 'bar era.' Very clever--thank you for the fun!"

"I hesitate to mention how easy this month's ad was to find, because that's just an invitation for you to make it ridiculously difficult next month," wrote Sonia Zawacki, "but I did find it quickly on page 41 ... Frankly, I would be hard pressed to think of 47 personality traits, (couldn't you have stopped at, say, 10?) but it might be worth it to try out the cocktail kit!"

The number forty-seven pops up quite a bit in Fake Ads--it's even the number of Fake Ads contained in The Fake Ad Book, which (shameless plug) makes an excellent holiday gift.

Speaking of which, "I'm enjoying the book of your 'greatest hits,'" wrote Jacqueline Courteau, "remembering some ads I had seen when they were first published and chuckling over the ones I had missed during busy times when I didn't fully peruse the Observer. This month's ad has last month's winner's name hidden in the tag line: The BAR ERA is over. I wonder how we'll look back at that when the quarantine-and-zoom era is over? Thanks for offering a ray of good cheer in challenging times."

Our winner was David Frye. He's returning the $25 back to us in the form of a donation as a Friend of the Observer. Thank you, David!


Order The Fake Ad and I Spy books at     (end of article)

[Originally published in November, 2020.]


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