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fake ad for Godzillow


Fake Ad: November 2021

by Jay Forstner

From the December, 2021 issue

We received 180 entries identifying ...Wait. Before business: last month's update, meant to be a humorous look at when the nit someone's picking is not a nit, may have come across as mean-spirited. Lelia Raley was a good sport, but we apologize nonetheless. Now, back to our regular programming.

We received 180 entries correctly identifying the Fake Ad for Godzillow on page 54 of the November issue. Godzillow appeared as a real estate website for houses of worship converted to residential space.

"This month's fake ad was beyond clever," wrote Melissa Milton-Pung, who we hope, for obvious reasons, never wins our contest. "I'm an architectural historian and work with adaptive reuse projects ...When I saw the Godzillow ad ... I was so excited to see the cool projects that other people have been doing. But--you got me!"

Ken Koorhan wrote, "after I looked up what a ley line ("extra LEY") was, I wondered if the line might lead to the lair where Godzilla was hibernating."

Ley lines, according to Wikipedia, are "drawn between various historic structures." They also--and this is the fun part--may or may not exist. Further research quickly involves "earth energies" and "pseudo-science" and "the belief that leys were established by prehistoric communities to guide alien spacecraft." This is why we usually limit our research to Wikipedia.

Janine Shahinian is our winner, which makes this month's Fake Ad very difficult to find. She's donating her prize to 'Kiwanis's Warm the Children campaign.


To enter this month's contests, send email to or mail to 2390 Winewood, AA 48103. All correct entries received by noon, December 10, will be eligible for our random drawings. Winners receive $25 gift cards or certificates to any business advertising in this issue.     (end of article)

[Originally published in December, 2021.]


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